Transform customs for Mondelez with a 360° view

Mondelez and Maersk are global partners across ocean, warehousing and logistics. We’d like to support your growth ambitions as much in Europe as we do elsewhere in the world. Discover how the Maersk Customs Hub could save you time and money and provide full customs visibility across your supply chain.


We understand your customs challenges

With a supply chain covering 150 countries, and 50 plants in Europe alone, it’s not unusual for customs processes to be local, regional and fragmented. Fast-moving supply chains can suffer delays when multiple brokers with different systems restrict your ability to optimise compliance and drive efficiencies.

Even now, in-house customs teams often use manual processes. Without digitalisation, there’s no end-to-end visibility, which can lead to delays and overpayments.

The answer is to standardise the way you do customs. And we’ll support you on the journey to implement it.

Take control with Maersk Customs Hub

Digitising your customs needs illustration
Digitising your customs needs

Our online solution will provide an automated, data driven approach across your supply chain, coordinating customs across your markets.

A collaborative approach to customs
A collaborative approach to customs

We can become your sole broker or consolidate and lead your chosen brokers, resulting in administrative, logistical and duties cost reductions.

Increased quality and compliance
Increased quality and compliance

A lead broker means high quality brokerage in every market; and our in-depth local knowledge, paired with full visibility, increases compliance.

Streamline customs procedures with Maersk's Customs Hub

In the complex world of global trade, managing customs procedures efficiently is crucial for businesses to thrive. Meet the Maersk Customs Hub – your comprehensive solution to streamline operations, ensure compliance, and gain complete visibility of your customs landscape.

Watch the video to learn more.

Mondelez's sweet route to supply chain optimisation

As your global partners, we're dedicated to supporting Mondelez's ambitions. Explore how the Maersk Customs Hub can streamline operations and ensure full customs visibility across Mondelez's supply chain in our e-book.

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Learn more. Save more!

We’ll work together to standardise and automate your customs processes and reduce your compliance risk.

We’ll collaborate with your internal customs resource to understand your challenges and act as your lead broker to standardise your customs processes across Europe and beyond.

With more visibility comes exceptional duty optimisation; lower baseline customs cost; the ability to utilise free trade agreements; and potential to cut overpayments by around 5-7%.

Your customs challenges? Solved.

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Seamless flow visibility

Get an overview of all customs requests, real-time tracking, alerts for missing documents and more.

International Expertise
A single point of contact

Benefit from a single system, less manual errors and a standardised customs process with everything in one place.

Booking request pictogram
Easy-access document repository

Every declaration and supporting document you need in one place, tagged for quick retrieval, making audits 100% stress-free.

Trade reporting at your fingertips

See an overview of all trade flow data, analytics and reports. Get actionable insights to help you make quick decisions.

Customer care
Designated customs broker

All declarations performed on request via the Maersk Customs Hub. Keep your third-party brokers or switch to us.

Smarter operations
Streamlined compiled invoicing

Simplify invoices with a compiled cost for all customs requests, cutting admin costs and improving expense tracking.

Case study: Clarios

As a global energy storage company, Clarios was experiencing fragmented, inefficient brokerage and opaque visibility, leading to unacceptably high levels of internal administration.

By partnering with the Maersk Customs Hub, Clarios gained full visibility across its customs operations in every market. Compliance rates are up, while harmonisedtrade reporting means less internal admin, freeing up the business to focus on customs strategy.

And the cost savings are significant. Duty optimisation saved a six figure sum and supply chain optimisation is saving tens of thousands of dollars a year in logistics costs.

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A single point of contact means full visibility across our entire customs operation, increased compliance and notable cost savings.


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Edison Alves
Edison Alves

Key Client Manager FMCG

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Björn Höglund

Head of Growth Enablement - Customs Europe