The rhythm behind the EV revolution

Build seamless continuity into your EV supply chain with Maersk

Stay in tune with the rise of electric vehicle demand

The future of the Automobile is clearly electrifying. As Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) gear up to cater to the rising demand of Electric Vehicles (EV) the need to ensure the constant flow of EV components from battery manufacturers in Asia to production lines in Europe, is critical.

Toni Fondevilla, Global Automotive Vertical Head, Maersk is confident that the need of the hour is integrated logistics that can seamlessly bridge the gaps in complex EV component supply chains, with visibility tools and flexible solutions to achieve the desired seamless continuity. 

Keeping EV components moving no matter what

The reliance on Asia for battery components is critical. Getting EV components across such a large distance is a challenging one as logistics experts often struggle with low visibility, the constant risk of supply chain disruptions and an increasing need for more sustainable logistics solutions.

With the EV market forecasted to grow by nine times over, the need to ensure a seamless flow of EV components is critical and this is where Maersk’s integrated logistics solutions can make a huge difference. 

Greater visibility
Digitally connected for better visibility

Make quicker and more informed decisions to support operations with real-time inventory visibility and lead time predictions.

Multi model transport
Flexible multimodal transport solutions

Take advantage of integrated logistics solutions and switch seamlessly between ocean, air and inland transportation solutions to keep EV components moving, no matter what.

Strategic warehousing and storage

Rely on a network of specialised and certified warehouses across Europe, that can keep your EV components – including batteries - as integrated part of your supply chain or to hold strategic buffer stocks.

Global consulting pictogram
Strong global network and infrastructure

With an extensive logistics network across 130 countries we can provide for a seamless flow of EV materials and components from Asia or near sourcing locations across Europe.

Why Europe needs more specialised battery storage facilities

Europe is one of the fastest growing EV markets, spurred on by EU regulations to ban the sale of new Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) vehicles by 2035. This makes EV battery storage nearer to production lines a pivotal point in Automotive supply chains today. The new generation of EV battery storage facilities from Maersk combines safety, technology, and accessibility to help OEMs in Europe to achieve better assembly line synchronisation.

maersk warehouse

Given the EV mobility growth projections and the ongoing dependency on meeting  supply from overseas, we as Maersk see great potential to add the missing warehousing link to our supply chain offering in core Automotive markets like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and also Spain. There is a huge need for safe storage capacities and with our new development in Teplice and further plans in the pipeline, we are offering both battery suppliers and OEMs reliable and compliant solutions

Toni Fondevilla
Global Automotive Vertical Head, Maersk

Powering an EV revolution with continuity

Behind the quiet and efficient hum of every EV, there is a rhythmic flow of component parts that needs to always stay in tune. As the Automobile becomes more streamlined and efficient so must its supply chain.

With Maersk you can be assured that we are constantly evolving our EV component supply chain with innovative, flexible and reliable integrated solutions that can keep your production lines moving.

Car assembly using machines

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