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Keep your business growth uninterrupted with our unbroken cold chain solutions.

Hand-picked produce, preserved and delivered as planned

Garden-fresh produce is nothing without its freshness. The crunch of healthy lettuces, the zest of the citruses or the richness of avocados is irreplaceable. Which is why keeping the goodness of such produce intact is of utmost importance, no matter the distance. Our unbroken cold chain journeys are designed to agree.

Maersk’s end-to-end Cold Chain Logistics is built to handle temperature-sensitive cargo from origin to destination. This means specialized transportation and storage of perishable produce (chilled and frozen), alongside integration of other offerings like import/export haulage and customs into your supply chain. All of this guided by dedicated reefer specialists.

Season’s best offerings, packaged with our offerings

To chart out the most optimized cold chain journey for you, we decided to go all the way back to identify and minimize the pain points that arise during transit. We noted that the freshness of produce deteriorates in transit due to multiple factors – uncertainty in assessing cargo conditions, multi-legged/multi-handover journeys and limited flexibility in storage.

Explore our range of offerings that keep your products fresh and intact:

Ship pictogram
Ocean services
Deliver more to your markets with our scheduled liner services from South Africa to Europe.
Air freight
Faster delivery to your markets
Export/import haulage
Quick, seamless connectivity between the port and warehouses
Maersk Custom Services
Customs services
Fast and easy clearance through right documentation
Captain Peter
End-to-end visibility on temperature and humidity of your refrigerated cargo container
Inland connectivity
Consolidation and Deconsolidation
Easy consolidation and quick deconsolidation of your cargo at the port of origin and at destination respectively 
Profit margin pictogram
Port charges
Smooth handling of port charges on your behalf to avoid delays
Customer service
Booking agent
Planning your bookings and implementing shipping on time with accuracy

Maersk expertise – How we serve you  

  • End-to-end integrated solutions 
    We coordinate across touchpoints in your supply chain for you, so your fruit moves hassle-free. 
  • Global cold storage network
    Gain access to temperature-controlled warehouses across the world, including our hub in Durban, offering the value-added services you need. 
  • State-of-the-art cooling technology 
    Our patented StarCare refrigerated cargo containers ensure your goods are kept fresh with temperature settings ranging between -25 degree and +25 degree Celsius. 
  • Dedicated partner 
    We address your specific needs, create customised solutions, deliver real value and thereby foster long-lasting relationships. 
  • Global network
    Grow your market with Maersk’s extensive land and ocean network spread across 120 countries.
  • Local market knowledge 
    Get faster market access for your produce with the help of our local refrigerated cargo experts. 

A fresh approach to protecting your business from risks

Even a small delay or challenge during transport can snowball into a huge financial loss for cold chain businesses. But Core Fruit – a premium-quality fresh produce exporter in South Africa found a fruitful way to eliminate such risks while moving their goods to their customer, Open Markets Corp in North America.

Read the case study on how Maersk Value Protect – our extended liability product, along with Captain Peter, both gave the customer a competitive advantage in a challenging eco-system.

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