Our Warehousing and Distribution solutions

At Maersk, we want to help you meet all your business goals despite fluctuations in your supply chain. We have the flexibility to handle challenges caused by seasonality or variability in consumer demands and needs.

Benefits of picking us

More space

We have 85467* square meters of space 55235 sqm/Abidjan + 30232 sqm/San Pedro (indoor/outdoor) of warehouses for the storage, management and handling of your products.

Warehousing and Distribution

More connectivity

The facility is at a placed at a strategic location based outside the city, around the port area, with easy access to the port with options to bypass the city’s traffic congestions.

Warehousing and Distribution

More value

Add more value to every link of your supply chain with our range of world-class logistics offerings such as

  • Best-in-class facility with highest HSSE standards
  • Reduced reworks to market, speed to market, buffer during peak season, inventory management, reduced CAPEX spend by outsourcing storage capabilities
  • Maersk’s global standards that guarantee consistency from service, quality, security, and safety
Warehousing and Distribution

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Warehousing Services

At our facility we are able to offer you a wide variety of services that leverage our global network of shared operations to bring flexibility optimise your supply chain.


Increase flexibility and speed to market and reduce stock holding and handling costs by using our fulfillment center to store your cargo.

  • Order fulfillment
  • Receipt and storage of goods
  • Inventory management
  • Picking and packing of pallets or cases
  • Setting up of regional or domestic Distribution centers
Warehousing and Distribution


Increase proximity to the majority of your market and reduce stockholding and handling costs as well as rework by using our deconsolidation centres to sort and ship your containers.

  • Sorting material intended for different destinations
  • Fast transfer of cargo from shipping containers directly to outbound trailers
Warehousing and Distribution

Distribution Services

You can benefit from our distribution network for product deliveries to end customers.

Full truck loads

  • Achieve cost efficiencies when shipment size is considerable
  • Reduce transit time by direct deliveries to final destination
  • Avoid cargo to be handled enroute
Warehousing and Distribution

Less than truck loads

  • Transport relatively small freight at a fraction of the cost of hiring an entire truck, even for an exclusive shipment
  • Reduce handling costs and the risk of damage during transit by configuring shipments with the least amount of handling units possible
Warehousing and Distribution

Parcel delivery

Take advantage of our parcel deliveries when speed, individualisation, and specialisation of express delivery is required

Warehousing and Distribution

Value-Added Services

At our facility, we offer you a wide variety of Value-added services to bring flexibility and minimise your go to market efforts like



Easy inventory management by having your cargo scanned at our facilities


Store and transport your cargo stacked on pallets as a unit load
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Quality Control

We can perform activities as per your need like checking if your product is damaged or still functioning
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Garments on Hangers

Our facilities are well equipped to hang garments on specified racks or rails


If some of your boxes get damaged, or for any other reason, we can help re-package your cargo
Product Customisation

Product Customisation

Bundle the components, tools, and supplies that you need for a production or maintenance job into packages
Cargo Sorting

Cargo Sorting

Whatever your need for sorting, we can make it happen
Maersk customs services


Make better decisions with the help of our customised inventory reports

Returns Management

Allow us to manage the flow of goods from your customer into our warehouse
Product Disposal Pictogram

Product Disposal

Whether you need to dispose of a product or parts of it, we can do that for you
Easy pricing


Print and place labels according to your requirements either at your source or destination
Topping off pallets

Topping off Pallets

Adjust the height of a pallet by removing the upper layers of cartons

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Contact our local offices

Reach out to our warehousing, storage and distribution logistics experts to find a solution which suits your specific needs.