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Agile. Adaptable. Resilient. Create omnichannel customer experiences with an unbreakable supply chain.

In challenging times, the need for a transparent, resilient and trusted supply chain matters more than ever. Disruption poses a major threat: in fact, CEOs have identified it as the biggest risk in 2022. *

80% of executives believe consumers will prioritise stock availability over retail loyalty in coming year.

Deloitte 2022 retail industry outlooks

Flexible solutions for efficient inventory management

Many retailers are now dealing with a 'stock shock'. Overstocking issues are impacting production and deliveries in many ways - this is why flexibility is so important for inventory management.

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Simplifying complexity

Failing to adapt has serious consequences: stock-outs can spur inflation when it’s needed the least, and costly substitutions can hit customer satisfaction hard.

In today’s climate, you can’t hide these problems. Labour shortages, bottlenecks, and port congestion are critical headwinds that can stop you from doing what you do best. Staying agile is the challenge. You need to have the necessary safeguards in place so that when trouble does strike, you’re ready to jump to plan B without costly hesitation.

To meet customer expectations and drive growth, you need end-to-end control over your retail supply chain, and the ability to flex at pace. You also need resilience to simplify complexity. In short, you need to create omnichannel retail strategies for an unbreakable supply chain.

Retail supply chain - An illustration of a woman looking at information in their laptop.

Building agility as the solution to uncertainty

Optimising your retail supply chain during the times of political and economic uncertainties can be an uphill task. Therefore, being agile while navigating this changing landscape is a must for retailers to keep going. Johanna Hainz, Global Vertical Head of Retail, explains how this can be done.

The omni-challenge for retailers

Resilience isn’t just a challenge for traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. Customers in Europe now expect a seamless experience, digitally and physically. E-commerce and omnichannel approaches need a supply chain strategy that’s aligned with your wider goals.

70% of Europe’s largest 30 retailers have conducted a review of their supply chains since Covid-19.

Alvarez & Marsal and Retail Economics, cited in Retail Week Supply Chain 2022

59% of retail respondents identified that their supply chains have been designed primarily for cost efficiency rather than resilience or agility.

Reinventing Supply Chain for the Future - Gartner

So how do you create unbreakable omnichannel strategies, and how can supply chains help you deliver?

Steer the ship

How do retailers of all stripes create resilient supply chains through omnichannel strategies? More control, end-to-end insight, and the ability to flex at pace can help. That takes a truly connected supply chain that gives you the information to make better decisions. Using a strategic partner simplifies complexity, giving you a single, reliable point of contact that can react and adapt to challenges, ensuring you have stock ‘on-shelf’ when and where it’s needed.

That’s the approach Pure Electric took when they came to Maersk for our Supply Chain Management expertise. Discover how our collaboration helped them scale their operations internationally.

I wanted to do it once, correctly, with the right partner.

Tom Carroll
Chief Operating Officer, Pure Electric

Give your retail supply chain the agility needed to adjust to environment changes

Consumer demand is constantly changing, and in the past decades it has grown more than ever before. This means having a constant flow of inventory that is hypersensitive to internal and external factors. An agile logistics solution is therefore key to keep up with demand fluctuations – for both physical stores and online channels. One of the tools to help retailers bringing that flexibility to life is supply chain automation; something Macy’s has partnered with Maersk for.

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*McKinsey, The coronavirus effect on global economic sentiment, December 2021