Maersk Ocean Network 2025

Shipping from Europe to Middle East-India

With our new network, we are excited to offer our customers a wide range of benefits with similar geographical coverage as today.

Improving service quality

Our new mainliner network will have extensive and robust coverage. To supplement this we are introducing shuttles for our strategic markets. Dedicated shuttles will be operated similarly to the mainliners, which means they will have same priority at terminals, they will be fully controlled by Maersk and they will often be similar sized to our mainliners. This will allow end to end operational control to secure connections across the ocean network and thereby deliver a wider coverage with unparalleled reliability.

Note: The network representation is subject to finalization including terminal berth windows.

Service highlights

Europe to Middle East-India:

  • Our improved Europe to Middle East network offers reliable and extensive weekly connectivity between North Europe and the Mediterranean to India and the Middle East
  • New compelling product offering between North Europe to West India
  • New compelling product offering between the East Mediterranean to key gateways in East and South India

Transit times for Europe to Middle East-India

The transit times expected on selected corridors from Europe to Middle East-India from 2025 are as follows:

Explore other networks around the world

Our new network will consist of 58 services with more than 6,000 port-to-port combinations. You can find more information on what each of the trades will look like below.

Asia - Europe - Negative Map pictogram
Asia to/from Europe
Asia - Middle East - Positive Map pictogram
Asia to/from Middle East
Asia - North America - Positive Map pictogram
Asia to/from North America
Europe - North America - Positive Map pictogram
Europe to/from North America

Contact us

If you need more information on the new cooperation, please contact our Sales or Customer Experience teams. They are standing by to help.

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