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8-9 June
Booth D10
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Powering your E-commerce business through truly integrated logistics

Powering your E-commerce business through truly integrated logistics

Your supply chain can make or break your e-commerce business. As consumers shift focus from brand loyalty to availability, you can no longer wait for your customer to come to you but figure out a way to reach your customers at the right time and the right place. This is why, in addition to resilience, your company must be adaptable enough to go the extra mile and reach your customers before your competitors. This means logistics are no longer about just ferrying your goods from point A to B but must become an important pillar in your business’s growth to optimise strategic decisions.

With Maersk E-Commerce Logistics, we want to empower brands and retailers to pursue a direct-to-consumer model which is seamlessly integrated with their existing B2B supply chain. To do so, we offer E-Delivery, E-Fulfilment and E-returns of products that help our customers save time, avoid high costs and sell more regardless of the season.

Talk to our E-commerce representatives

Talk to our E-commerce representatives

We are coming to DELIVER 2022 to drive conversations on the future of e-commerce and understand your needs better. Come and say hello to our E-commerce experts at booth no D10 and find out how Maersk's end-to-end supply chain solutions can help elevate your customers' omnichannel experience with accurate real-time tracking, efficient packaging, fast last-mile delivery and easy e-return options. Our specialists will be there to answer all your questions and take you through our complete portfolio of e-commerce services.

Unleash your business’s true potential with Maersk’s digital capabilities and optimise parcel deliveries with reliability, speed and efficiency.

Are you excited about DELIVER 2022?

The who’s who of the e-commerce ecosystem are going to be at this year’s event. This is your chance to learn from the industry experts and accelerate your business connections.

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