Over the past months we have done our outmost to deliver your cargo whilst managing the current situation as best as possible. However, we are still experiencing a significant inflationary increase in overall operational costs in line with the global economic challenges.

Due to inflationary cost increases through 2022, the costs for handling cargo in terminals, have risen at an alarming rate since March 2022. Forecasters believe that inflationary costs will continue to rise through the remainder of the year as well as 20231. We understand that raising prices are adding to the economic burden, and it is not something we do lightly, but we hope for your understanding, given the global economic outlook.

To enable us to continue to connect your supply chain, Maersk wishes to advise you, that we will be revising the Terminal Handling Charge Origin / Destination (OHC/DHC) for both export and import globally, effective from 1st November 2022.

The tariff levels are as follows:

Fee Cargo Charge Basis Tariff Levels Scope Effective Date
Terminal Handling charge - Origin / Destination
Charge Basis
Per Container
Tariff Levels
World to World
Effective Date
1st November 2022 PCD*

*PCD = Price Calculation Date. For non-FMC, PCD refers to the scheduled departure date of the first water leg at the time of booking confirmation for non-spot bookings. For FMC, PCD is the last container gate-in date for non-spot bookings. For Spot bookings, PCD refers to 1st vessel ETD at booking confirmation.

We’re revising tariff for Terminal Handling Charge Origin / Destination based on consumer price index development and recognize the challenge it brings on you, but hope for your understanding. Please find the information relevant to you by following the link in the table above or by reaching out to your Maersk sales representative.

We’d like to underline, that we appreciate doing business with you and we hope for your understanding given the economic circumstances. We look forward to continue working with you in the future.

1International Monetary Fund, World Economic Outlook report  April 2022;
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development 2022-2023 CPI forecast

Frequently asked questions in connection with this global Terminal Handling Charge Origin / Destination (OHC/DHC) adjustment as of 1st November 2022:

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