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The supply chain is involved in our daily life. Even though we don’t realize it, every single thing that we interact with, let’s say food, clothing, or electronics, has been on a supply chain at some point, from raw materials to finished products, from storage to retail store, from store to your home, etc. That is why having a supply chain that is efficient and fluent is one of the most important aspects of the logistics world. Being able to have an agile end-to-end supply chain will help you streamline processes, optimization, partnering collaboration, visibility, and much more.

Topic of the month

There´s no dead end with end-to-end logistics solutions

In the logistics world is also called E2E, and it refers to being able to coordinate all the activities in the movement of materials, products, and goods from one place to the point of consumption or usage is all about end-to-end logistics. There are many stakeholders involved, from planning, procurement, production, distribution, transportation, and delivery to the customer, and they all have to be in touch for the supply chain to run smoothly as planned. With so many disruptions in the past years, logistics stakeholders have been paying close attention to finding a strategic partner that helps them manage their integrated logistics by giving them the visibility and sufficient information to make decisions and having different modalities to choose from when a supply chain link is broken.

End-to-end solutions not only include transportation or delivery, but it is also about picking, packing, warehousing, and enhancing end-to-end visibility, partnership, and efficiency.

Advantages of end-to-end logistics.

Some benefits that can be identified when implementing end-to-end logistics solutions to your business are:

  • Agility: having the logistic capabilities needed can help you be agile while making decisions or planning ahead and reducing any impact of disruptions of the supply chain.
  • Flexibility: it helps to have several options and be flexible when choosing the best way to make your supply chain flow. Having a comprehensive understanding of the supply chain and alternate sources by giving you different options.
  • Visibility: Nowadays, having visibility of your supply chain is crucial. It allows you to track and monitor every movement of your cargo at any stage. It enables better decision-making, proactive problem resolution, and improve collaboration with suppliers and partners.
  • Sustainability: supply chain has a representative impact on the environment therefore, it is important to partner up with someone conscious about it and help you increase sustainability by bringing down the carbon footprint of your logistics.

Efficient and effective end-to-end logistics are a key differentiator for business in this everchanging world of logistics.

Visibility as a key factor in an E2E integration

Being able to have the whole picture in real-time at all the stages of the supply chain, has been super important not only to make decisions at the right moment but also to plan ahead for any disruption or issue. Visibility comes along with collaboration between all the stakeholders so you can share and receive information that will be helpful for you and your partners.

Visibility also enhances customer satisfaction by providing real-time information, and giving transparency brings trust and improves the customer experience.

Having the right visibility helps you mitigate and have effective risk management. By monitoring the supply chain, potential risks can be identified, such as delays, port disruption, weather conditions, geopolitical issues, demand fluctuations, etc.

It is an important factor to integrate end-to-end logistics and visibility because it allows businesses to have comprehensive insights into the supply chain, optimize processes, deliver excellent customer service, and be able to make decisions that will have less impact on the supply chain.

The importance of partnering with the right logistic provider

Having the right partner who can integrate your logistics is a key role in enhancing your end-to-end logistics. It can provide you with insights, options of transportation, warehousing, local information and regulations, and different options when disruption takes place, and it can also help you grow in a market that your business wants to expand. Check out what Maersk offers as a logistic integrator in our region.

Choosing the right partner gives you a strong foundation for end-to-end logistics success by giving you a complete landscape and working together throughout the complex world of the supply chain.

Ocean updates

Trade lane Comments Demand Trend
Trade lane
West Coast South America Exports
Reefer fruit slack season coming, and it seems El Niño is already impacting fishing activity. Copper price is on downward trend after the peak seen in February
Demand Trend
Trade lane
West Coast South America Imports
Uncertainty on market seasonality out of Asia as changes in the supply behavior and consumer patterns could affect inventories. China exports fell Year over Year in May for first time since February.
Demand Trend
Trade lane
East Coast South America to Asia
On May 22nd, 2023, Brazil declared a state of animal health emergency for 180 days in response to the country's first-ever detection of the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus in wild birds. In a document signed by the Agriculture Minister of the county, however, exports remain as usual. On the other hand, another case in Argentina was identified, and all exports to China remain blocked. In order to return the exports, Argentina needs to go through 30 days without any new cases.
Demand Trend

Main port status

We anticipate generally stable waiting times for ports in Latin America. However, there are a few exceptions: we predict waiting times of 1-3 days at Paranagua (Port Congestion), Manzanillo-MX (only for XL's), and San Antonio - STI (Bad weather). For North American ports, the waiting time is stable. We don't expect the waiting time to exceed 2 days.

In Australia, we foresee 1-3 days of waiting time; in New Zealand, we don't expect the waiting time to exceed 1 day.

The waiting times at the Asian ports vary, with Busan new port terminal having an average waiting time of 2.5 days, Ningbo Beilun Container Terminal Phase 4 having an average waiting time of 1.5 days, and the other ports having an average waiting time of 0.5-1 day or less.

In North Europe currently, no major disruptions or significant waiting times are reported for ports.

In South Europe, Genoa will be under extraordinary work between June 5-16, which might affect productivity.

FOS SUR MER: Strike announced in France, in Fos sur mer operation will be suspended for 4hrs on 6/7/8 of June between 1100 &1500 Mersin has a huge WT of 6-10 days.

Port Status

Less than 1 Day 1-3 Days 4 - 7 days More than 7 days
Latin America
Less than 1 Day
Santos 01, Santos BTP, Itapoá, Salvador, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Manaus, Suape, Pecem, Rio Janeiro, Imbituba, Sepetiba, Itajai, Navegantes, Rio Grande, Zarate, Rosario, Mar del plata, Bahia Blanca, S Antonio Este, P Madryn, P Deseado, Ushuaia, Vitoria, Buenaventura, Santa Marta, Turbo, Moin, La Guaira, Puerto Cabello, Lazaro Cardenas, Veracruz, Altamira, Progreso, "Guayaquil/ Contecon", "Guayaquil/ TPG", Puerto Bolivar, Callao/ APMT, Callao/ DPW, Pisco, Arica, Iquique - ITI, Mejillones-PAG, Antofagasta-ATI, Valparaiso-TPS, San Vicente - SVTI
1-3 Days
Paranagua, Manzanillo-MX, San Antonio - STI.
4 - 7 days
More than 7 days
Rest of World
Less than 1 Day
Halifax, Houston, Jacksonville, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Miami - POMTOC, Montreal, Newark APMT, Newark PNCT, Norfolk, North Charleston, Oakland, Philadelphia, Port Everglades, Prince Rupert, Seattle, Tampa, Wilmington, PSA (SGSIN), SINGAPORE, PORT OF TANJUNG PELEPAS, AUSTRALIA, Tauranga, Auckland, Napier, Lyttelton, Port Chalmers, Timaru, Nelson, AMBARLI MARPORT, AMBARLI KUMPORT, Qingdao Qianwan Container (CNTSTQQ), Shanghai Yangshan Guandong Terminal (CNSGHY3), Shanghai Shang Dong Container Terminal (CNSGHY4), Shanghai East Container Terminal (CNSGHCT), Xiamen Songyu Terminal (CNXIMSY), Yantian Container Terminal (CNYATCT), Hongkong Modern Terminal (HKHKGMO).
1-3 Days
Baltimore, Charleston, Freeport, Mobile, New Orleans, Savannah, Vancouver, PATRICK (BNE), PATRICK (FRE), PATRICK (MEL), PATRICK (SYD), DPW (MEL), DPW (SYD), DPW (BNE), DPW (FRE), MEL VICT, ADL, POTI, Busan New Port Terminal (KRBUSPN), Ningbo Beilun Container Terminal Phase 4 (CNNPOJ4).
4 - 7 days
More than 7 days
(*) - cargo connections can be impacted considering the delays reported

Landside updates

Central America, Andina and the Caribbean Sea Area

The cold chain inland transport services begin at its modality of Store Door in Colombia, starting with the corridor that connects the port of Barranquilla with the capital city of Colombia Bogotá. In addition to the benefits that bring the customer carrying out their transport in the Store Door mode, we are always very focused on taking care of the cold chain so that the customer receives their product in optimal conditions.

Central America: Using the land transport from Maersk you can be more efficient using the drop of and the pick up both in shipments and imports

Air updates

East Coast South America

The resume of passenger planes with cargo option (PAX) provided more capacity, and the low perishable season countrywide has lowered the demand.

The inauguration event was attended by a delegation from Mattel Latin America


Maersk turns insights into investments

During the opening ceremony of the Buenaventura facility, which is located in Quilicura, the northern region of Santiago, Chile, Dean Rodin, Managing Director for Maersk West Coast South America was interviewed about new investments and plans for the area.

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