Read about what Amira Voss, a founder of MIX NEC, is doing to create a more diverse and inclusive culture for colleagues at Maersk.

Hello, my name is Amira Voss, I am a Customer Success Partner at Maersk and one of the founding members of the MIX NEC (Maersk Inclusion of Excellence, Northeast Europe Continent) employee resource group. I joined Maersk in 2019 because I wanted to work somewhere with open communication, a vibrant culture, commitment to work-life balance, and in a truly international environment where people from diverse backgrounds can thrive.

Being my authentic self at Maersk

Regardless of who you are within Maersk, you can feel comfortable being yourself. There is an open culture for questions and Maersk truly is an international company where people from different countries work closely together. I appreciate that I don’t feel like I have to act a certain way at work and there are many other women and people from diverse backgrounds around me. The company's commitment to leading the industry in diversity and inclusion makes me feel like I can contribute.

Maersk’s commitment to DEI

Maersk recognises the importance of DEI and of fostering a sense of belonging, and actively encourages colleagues to embrace their cultural identities. For example, it is normal to see colleagues communicating in different languages in the office.

As Maersk’s special business priority is to lead the industry as a diverse and inclusive employer, the emphasis on creating employee resource networks globally is supported directly by our CEO. I wanted to contribute to this journey and make a difference for my colleagues which is why I, together with a small group, founded the MIX group in NEC (North Europe Continent) in 2021.

We started the group with only a handful of people but are now a strong team of around 30 passionate colleagues. MIX’s aim is to create an environment where all employees feel true to themselves and feel that they can be heard and represented. By embracing diversity of thought, we can harness the strength that comes from different perspectives.

We focus a range of diverse areas within MIX NEC, we have sub-teams each focusing on a specific aspect of DEI, such as Pride & LGBTQIA+, Culture, Inclusion and Religion, and Psychological Safety & Diverse Abilities. We also collaborate with external experts for coaching and training to ensure we have the necessary tools and resources to help our colleagues thrive.

We have incredible support across all our events from many members of the leadership team, even our Managing Director of NEC joined us on our Pride truck in Hamburg in 2022. The support from our local leadership teams and our Chief DEI Officer, Ingrid Uppelschoten Snelderwaard, enables us to action the initiatives we believe will enhance DEI at Maersk. We work closely on multiple topics including our area’s DEI plan and hold an open communication line with the leadership team.

Being part of MIX NEC

I believe that having a group like MIX at Maersk is essential because it creates a platform for colleagues to connect, support one another, and I feel very happy that I am making a positive impact on my colleagues’ experience at Maersk. Although MIX NEC’s biggest event so far were the pride celebrations in 2022, where we had 300 people involved and attending the events, to me I feel like the biggest impact I have had are the small things.

For example, when I sent out an email about a Jewish holiday, I received a reply from a colleague saying that they felt heard. Other times, when we sent out tips on how to cope with changes in a psychologically safe way, we received comments thanking us and saying they really needed this as they were having a bad day. This is what motivates to continue working as a part of MIX NEC.

The future of MIX and DEI at Maersk

Working at Maersk and being part of MIX has been an incredible experience. However, we acknowledge that we are on a DEI journey that is far from complete. It is crucial to recognize our privilege and the supportive environment we are fortunate to be in. One of the next steps in our journey is to expand our reach so that we engage with colleagues in warehouses, vessels, and terminals, not only in offices. We want to continue fighting for inclusivity and ensure that all voices are heard.

Maersk is an organization that not only recognizes the value of diversity but actively promotes equity and inclusion. Through groups like MIX with the support from leadership, we are creating an environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. Maersk is a place where you can truly thrive, be your authentic self, and contribute to a greater cause. Come join us on this amazing journey as we strive for a more inclusive and diverse future.

Visit our website to find out more about DEI at Maersk.









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