My name is Silvia Losada Trujillo, and I’m based in Colombia. I joined Maersk as a Talent Acquisition Partner in December 2021, and I currently cover Central and a part of South America at Maersk. My journey underscores Maersk’s commitment to fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace through training, development, and inclusive hiring practices.

Joining Maersk: A cultural connection

What drew me to Maersk was more than just career progression; it was connection to Maersk’s culture and values. During my interview process, my interviewers shared their own insights and perspectives on what it truly means to be part of Maersk – everyone emphasised communication, collaboration, and genuine care for one another. This resonated with my own values and aspirations making it an easy decision to join Maersk and personally experience its inclusive culture.

I have found Maersk to be as my interviewers described - welcoming, and full of warmth. The best thing about my role is the opportunity to constantly connect with people, learn, and exchange ideas from those with diverse backgrounds and experiences. I also really love that I can make a positive impact on candidates’ lives by helping them find their next role at Maersk.

A truly global journey and experience

The global nature of Maersk, coupled with the supportive culture of training and development, ensures that career opportunities are endless. Maersk encourages not only traditional career paths but also lateral transitions into different business areas. My personal journey is a testament to this; when I first joined Maersk I worked across the Central America and Caribbean (CAC) region, but I have now transitioned to also work across the South American continent. Maersk provides plenty of support for skill diversification and acquisition making role transitions easier. There are also many opportunities to participate in various global projects with colleagues from around the world in different departments.

The beauty of working at Maersk is that there are opportunities for everyone in different forms. Depending on your dreams and aspirations, you can decide on how far you want to go within the company and how to get there.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Maersk

Central to Maersk's identity is its commitment to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The international environment of Maersk promotes diverse perspectives and opinions, all of which are respected creating a culture of inclusion and belonging. Relationships at Maersk are based on respect and trust which is very important for me.

Our leaders are actively maintaining and improving the inclusive culture; for instance, some of our senior leaders sponsor our Employee Resource Networks (ERNs), like the Power Women Network which aims to drive the conversation and the awareness on career inequity for women at Maersk. Such communities and platforms are essential to build an environment where all individuals feel empowered to contribute with their unique perspective.

Advocating diversity through an equitable hiring process

Within the Talent Acquisition team, we contribute to promoting inclusion, especially for women through inclusive hiring practices and processes. We actively work on creating inclusive candidate shortlists so that females are given equal representation, and we also build talent pipelines to reflect our dedication to increasing gender equity within Maersk.

Last year, I participated in global projects aimed at diagnosing DEI practices within our recruitment processes which has led adjustments in our hiring processes and new practices to make our recruitment more inclusive, such as making sure using inclusive language in our job adverts. Currently, I am part of a working group focused on increasing the number of women in senior roles, continuing our journey towards a more inclusive workplace.

A commitment to our core values

My journey with Maersk has been transformative, defined by continuous growth, learning, and a shared commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Maersk is not just a workplace; it's a community that allows us to learn, grow, and contribute to building a better, more inclusive world. The emphasis on culture, training, and DEI positions Maersk not only as a global leader in logistics but also a place where individuals can shape their careers in a healthy environment.









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