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With sustainability at the heart of your supply chain.

Commitments to sustainable actions are growing, both among retailers and consumers in Europe. Now more than ever, consumers notice what a company is doing to protect the environment and reward those who embrace sustainable practices. Building a sustainable supply chain is key to building a sustainable brand. And only through partnerships and collaboration can we make meaningful changes that support both, our business and climate goals.

Maersk is at the forefront of decarbonising global logistics. Not only does our portfolio of owned operational assets work to increase efficiencies, but by leveraging technology and aligning our teams with yours, you’ll be better informed and better supported to take the necessary steps to make your supply chain more sustainable.

We understand the crucial role supply chains must play in mitigating the effects of climate change. That is why we are determined to achieve our net-zero emissions target by 2040 and help you deploy sustainable logistics that can improve your carbon footprint and support you in reaching your own ESG goals.

68% of retail executives expect consumers to pursue retailers with strong ESG initiatives in 2022.

Deloitte 2022 retail industry outlook

Setting the bar to net zero emissions for our customers and planet

To help make sure all of our customers’ sustainability objectives are met, this year we announced our goal to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. That’s one decade ahead of our initial ambition.
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Rise of the sustainable shopper

Almost half of consumers are willing to pay a bit more for products by brands that have meaningfully reduced their carbon footprint. This reframes decarbonisation and other ESG initiatives as an investment rather than a cost.

For retailers around the world, a sustainable supply chain provides the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. So how can Maersk help you get ahead?

Trust that your climate commitments are in good hands

New technologies are capable of reporting back every step of the way, providing the information we need to continuously optimise your logistics setup for a cleaner future.
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Watch the panel discussion

Listen to Kaisa Tikk, Maersk's Senior Global Sustainability Advisor, as she shares our green ambitions in a panel discussion on supply chain sustainability with industry experts from PepsiCo and Henkel.

Minimising inefficiencies to minimise your concerns

Too often, sustainability aims fall short because of supply chain inefficiencies. When it’s your reputation on the line, this can be frustrating. Maersk’s owned operational assets work together to reduce unnecessary journeys and unnecessary waste, whilst giving you full visibility of the ways we’re achieving both - via the Maersk Emissions Dashboard.

67% of organisations have defined environmental and social sustainability KPIs they expect supply chain leaders to be accountable for.

Reinventing Supply Chain for the Future – Gartner

What is the Maersk Emissions Dashboard?

Providing carbon footprint measurements across our entire supply chain, the Maersk Emissions Dashboard gives a detailed emissions overview, whether your products are being transported via truck, train, plane or ship.

Share the information with your customers or use it to keep tabs on your sustainability progress.

Maersk's emission dashboard opened in a laptop screen

Reduce shipping emission with Maersk ECO Delivery

Visibility is integral to enabling a more sustainable supply chain. Namely, capturing data insights from end to end can help you better understand the actions needed to reduce emissions.

One of our most effective decarbonisation solutions is Maersk ECO Delivery. By replacing fossil fuels with low-carbon alternatives, ECO Delivery helps you transport cargo responsibly and continue meeting shopper demands.

A hand-made boat made from green leaf, floating on water

Towards a future that isn’t breaking the planet

Maersk is on track to be a net-zero organisation by 2040. We update our commitments in line with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and publish an annual sustainability report covering our environmental, social and governance progress.

For unbreakable sustainability operations across your entire supply chain, Maersk provides the assets, solutions, insights and reassurance you need to meet consumer demands and stay one step ahead in the journey of making your business more sustainable.

Realising a vision through logistics

Watch the case study to discover how Maersk’s unbreakable supply chain delivered the data HAY needed to enact real change.

We want to embrace sustainability across our entire supply chain. This is the reason for our partnership with Maersk.

Rolf Hay
Co-Founder and Creative Director, HAY

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