Retail Supply Chain Logistics

With technology and visibility at the heart of your supply chain.

For retailers, the desire to see where stock is at every stage of the supply chain is born out of a need to have stock on shelves as and when customers need it.

But supply chains are notoriously complex, with thousands of moving parts all affected by real-world disruption – political, environmental, societal. As our Chief Data Officer Holly Landry says: “We can’t throw people at the problems anymore, they’re just too complicated and it’s too dynamic.” That’s why data, AI and machine learning are all playing an increasingly important role in delivering supply chain transparency and excellence.

Up to 60% of executives have zero visibility into items in their supply chain beyond their first-tier suppliers.

Bain & Co cited in ‘4 ways industry can make supply chains more sustainable’, WEF

Benefits of collaboration across retail and FMCG

Keeping shelves full across your retail stores, even during “peak shopping seasons”, you must build strong relations with the FMCG brands and connect both your supply chains.

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Predicting the future with real-time data

The complexity of retail logistics in Europe, increased demands of customers, and the need for transparency have put tech and data at the heart of retail supply chains. Our Chief Data Officer Holly Landry explores this evolution.
Maersk recently conducted internal research with 100+ global retailers, and the lack of integrated data, joined-up insight and transparency is a macro and micro problem. Being able to see where stock is at any moment is crucial for the bigger picture. Retail lives and dies by its ability to accurately manage inventory, for instance. Our research found that 55% of retailers believe that forecasting and dealing with market uncertainties make retail inventory management a challenge in their day-to-day work. Technology alone is not a magic bullet, but in the crucial space of retail inventory management, it can play a huge part in making life easier for logistics professionals.

71% of UK retailers are looking into inventory management technology to improve efficiency.

Square, Future of Retail (UK)

A tech-first approach to inventory management

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of inventory management to retailers. But how and where can technology impact inventory and keep items on-shelf without overleveraging?
Retail inventory management - An illustration of a worker handling retail cargo near a computer.

Using data to achieve supply chain harmony

More visibility and better data will allow you to keep stock on shelves, meet customer expectations, manage your own efficiencies, plan better and stay informed if problems arise. The key to ensuring an unbreakable retail supply chain is not stopping issues from arising, it’s having the insight and control to adapt. That’s why Finnish discount chain Tokmanni turned to Maersk’s Retail Supply Chain Management service.

As Tokmanni is primarily a Finnish-based business, having a partner with a global presence ensures crucial data and deadlines don’t get lost in translation.

Timo Heimo
Director, IT and Supply Chain at Tokmanni

Digitisation of the supply chain is an evolving objective. Maersk has invested heavily in technology to help speed up the solution. Through solutions like the supply chain management application MyMaerskSupplyChain and reefer container tracking tool Captain Peter, our range of technologies are geared around one thing: improving supply chain visibility to deliver the goods your customers need, when they need them, seamlessly.

That’s the value of an integrated logistics partner set up to make your retail supply chain unbreakable.

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