Maersk Shipment app

Wherever you are, instantly track your shipments.

Stay close to your logistics, anytime, anywhere

No two days are the same for a business. Markets change. Prices change. Routes and expectations change. Amidst all these variables, Maersk Shipment app is always in your pocket, ready with real-time updates on everything you need to keep your logistics on point and ahead of everyone else.
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Never miss a great Spot rate again

Usually, finding the best price takes work. Not with the Maersk Shipment app. It lets you track all the best rates on the go so that your cargo can be on its way with the complete surety of fixed prices and guaranteed loading.

Reporting live!

You can follow your cargo around the world with the help of real-time status updates. And, if you have multiple shipments on the way, then focusing on a few is easier too, because now you can mark them as your Favourites for quick access.
Reporting live

The simplest itinerary is in your pocket

There’s such a thing as an optimum itinerary and choosing it is as simple as deciding the origin and destination. The Maersk Shipment app uses that information to give you as many vessel, port and route options as you need.
The simplest itinerary

Looking for something specific?

Ping us on our live chat feature, and you will hear from us within seconds.
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An all-rounder

Maersk Shipment is designed to make lives easier on the go. If you have booked a shipment with us, it’s completely manageable in just a few taps.





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