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As the in-house management consultancy of Maersk, our mission is to generate substantial and lasting value for Maersk, and to attract and develop exceptional people.

Our services

Strategic growth MMC
Strategy, growth & turnaround
We engage in strategy at all levels of the business, particularly within business development, growth and turnaround. We also focus on identification of operational inefficiencies and process improvement.
Commercial operation MMC
Commercial and operational excellence
We cover all areas of commercial processes optimization, including sales strategy, pricing optimization and analysis of products & customer portfolios.
Organisational review MMC
Organisation review and restructuring

We are highly involved in redesigning Maersk business units globally, tailoring them to best meet the needs of our customers.

Change management MMC
Change management and transformation
We work actively with implementing strategies and organisational changes through involvement in large-scale change and transformation projects, such as change management and strategy implementation.

Our past projects

Logistics & Services Decarbonisation Strategy

Logistics & Services Decarbonisation Strategy

Maersk has set an industry leading target to reach net zero emissions in 2040. MMC was engaged by the Decarbonisation team to develop a strategy to decarbonise Logistics & Services (L&S) – focusing on the three largest products: Landside Transportation, Contract Logistics and Air.

To reach our target of becoming net-zero across the entire business in 2040, action is required now. MMC was engaged by the decarbonisation team to define the strategy to decarbonise Landside Transportation, Contract Logistics and Air – core L&S products that, simultaneously, are on exponential growth journeys.

The team worked closely with the head of L&S Decarbonisation to lay the cornerstones and develop a strategic roadmap for decarbonisation of Landside Transportation, Contact Logistics and Air. Developing a strategy within a new and very complex space, not only for Maersk, but the industry overall, required collaboration across functions with technical, product, commercial and procurement expertise. MMC supported the cross-functional team to develop a strategic roadmap for decarbonisation considering industry and technological developments, core principles for decarbonisation, customer value proposition and potential business models.

The journey to decarbonise our operations has just begun and MMC are continuously engaged on decarbonisation projects across A. P. Moller-Maersk.

Duration: 5 months

Strategic Supply Chain Design

Strategic Supply Chain Design

MMC was engaged on a co-creation journey with one of our top customers with the objective of building a stronger strategic engagement between the two organizations.

The intention of the project was to shift the perception of Maersk from “just an ocean carrier” to “a strategic supply chain partner.” It served as an example of how collaborating on a strategic project can help us to strengthen relationships with our customers. The project was spearheaded by members of the Logistics and Service (L&S) leadership team with MMC, taking the lead on driving the analysis, project management and stakeholder coordination. Maersk experts spanning functions such as key client management (KCM), regional leadership, vertical leads, L&S products (like 4PL and WnD), Supply Chain Development (SCD), and Data & Analytics were engaged to provide their expertise throughout the process.

We were able to help our customer understand their customers’ needs from a more strategic and detailed perspective, leading to a forward-thinking proposal for how to set up the client’s European supply chain. More specifically, by leveraging customer insights (obtained through 20+ interviews), we conducted extensive modelling and confirmed the feasibility of a more future-proof European supply chain: a pan-European network (moving away from country-silos), with multiple fulfilment models that, combined, enable improved customer service and flexibility – without increasing cost-to-serve significantly.

Duration: 5 months

North America Strategy

North America Strategy

Maersk’s vision to become the global integrator of container logistics calls for significant growth within the Logistics and Services (L&S) space. MMC was engaged by our North American organization to create a detailed strategy roadmap for how we can achieve the company’s ambitioned targets within L&S for the North American Region.

As part of Maersk’s vision to grow significantly within the L&S space, several new product offerings have been launched to enhance the customer offerings and enable Maersk to offer integrated solutions for our customers. Some examples of these L&S products are new ones such as Air Freight, Maersk Flow but also include an enhancement of current offerings such as Customs House Brokerage (CHB) and 4PL.

Working out of our regional offices in New York, an MMC team was gathered to develop a clear and actionable plan for how to reach the ambitioned growth plan for several L&S products within North America. As part of the project, the MMC team helped our North American organization shape their winning aspiration and prioritize growth areas and capabilities, as well as creating a roadmap for how we would get there – evaluating both organic and inorganic growth initiatives.

Logistics & Services Strategic Roadmap

Logistics & Services Strategic Roadmap

A key strategic tenet for Maersk is to create scalable, sustainable growth, in a way that best addresses our customer needs. When tasked with the ambitious project to design the long-term roadmap of the Logistics & Services (L&S) organization, a team of MMCers played a critical role in designing the strategy.

The increasingly disruptive trends within the industry have shown the importance of long-term strategic planning. Indeed, focusing on the right product offerings can make or break the organization, tying up efforts and resources for years to come. In this scenario, Maersk Management Consulting was tasked to create the long-term strategic roadmap for the L&S organization.

The intrinsic complexity of the project required the team to develop a highly structured approach, ranging from an in-depth quantitative analysis to devising clear and actionable roadmaps across different offerings. During the engagement, MMC worked with several stakeholders across our L&S products, ensuring a consistent outcome.

As a result, the team was able to develop a set of sustainable ambitions and scalable product roadmaps, exploring both organic and inorganic (M&A) growth options. This ensured a clear and implementable path ahead and set the foundation for long-term growth for the L&S organization.

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