Maersk: Where gamers thrive in tech

Are you a passionate gamer with a love for technology? At Maersk, we've designed the perfect playground for gamers like you to excel.

What's Maersk doing at BLAST?

We're not just here to watch the epic esports battles – we're also here to show you how your gaming skills can drive our digital transformation efforts forward.

Angel Donchev, one of our technology leaders, is a true believer in the power of gaming and he's on a mission to share our job openings with fellow gaming enthusiasts—just like you. Here's why we're so excited to welcome gamers to Maersk.

Maersk embraces the same spirit of teamwork and collaboration that defines gaming. Every day, I get to apply my gaming experience to create innovative user experiences.

Angel Donchev
Platforms Portfolio Technology Leader and Tech Operations

The perfect home for gamers

Maersk isn't just a global leader in shipping and logistics; we're also a trailblazer in the world of technology. Here's why Maersk is your ideal tech employer if you're a gamer:
Cutting-edge tech
Our commitment to digital transformation means you'll work with the latest technology that's as exciting as your favorite games.
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Problem-solving culture
Just like in gaming, we tackle complex challenges daily. Your knack for strategizing and problem-solving is your greatest asset here.
Collaboration with Maersk experts
Teamwork and collaboration
Gaming teaches teamwork and so do we. Collaboration is at the heart of our culture, and your ability to work with diverse teams is highly valued.

There is definitely a big overlap between gaming and analyzing problems and coming up with solutions." At Maersk, we see gamers as problem-solving powerhouses, and we're excited to harness their talents to drive innovation and success.

Kristian's profile picture
Kristian Ohrt Dam-Bori
Senior Software Engineer at Maersk

Maersk from a gamer's perspective: Meet Nazeeh

Meet Nazeeh, a Conversion Rate Optimization Manager at Maersk, and get a glimpse into how he bridges the world of gaming and work at Maersk. Discover how communication, teamwork, quick decision-making, and data-driven insights are not just gaming skills for Nazeeh; they are the very tools he uses to enhance the user experience and make our services more accessible to users. Learn how Nazeeh’s fast decision-making, a trait honed in gaming, adds immense value to his role at Maersk.

Level up your career at Maersk

“Esports and gaming is so much more than simply "playing" the game. Whether it's building networks of skilled players, forming and growing teams, or effectively coordinating voice communications in the heat of high-pressure in-game situations, gaming has empowered me to lead and collaborate with confidence in my everyday professional life.” Lewis Rogers, Senior Business Analyst, Cyber Technology.

Explore our job opportunities and experience why Maersk is the ultimate destination for gamers who aspire to excel in the realm of technology.

A glorious moment for the gentlemen of the sporting realm!

Maersk at BLAST

We are excited to announce our logistics partnership for BLAST Premier! Since the Fall Final last year, we have been proud MVP sponsors of the tournament and now we’re ready to take our partnership a step further.
Maersk at BLAST Premier Spring Final

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