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Maersk Growth is the global partner for external innovation at A.P. Moller - Maersk on a mission to digitise, democratise, and decarbonise supply chains, investing in and partnering with promising startups to support new business models and technologies.

Empowering the agents of change

We work with startups that dare to tackle the most fundamental and complex challenges in global trade, logistics and supply chains. Together with our portfolio of entrepreneurs and innovators, we pursue a shared goal of creating a more dynamic, inclusive and sustainable future of trade.

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Profile: Frey gains a competitive advantage with Maersk

Frey is a trading company founded as a joint venture between Maersk and Danske Commodities and incubated in Maersk Growth. Leveraging the logistical and trading capabilities of both owners, Frey addresses inefficiencies in the container value chain, including the movement of empty containers to deficit areas, while also building new capabilities within Maersk.

Watch Co-Founder Jeff L. Laursen discuss the advantages of collaboration with Maersk, and how Maersk’s rich data on structural opportunities helped Frey build a unique trading model and algorithm.

“There is an opportunity, but it requires a level of innovation and willingness to challenge industry norms– a willingness that we have seen with Maersk as an investor.”

Jeff L. Laursen, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Frey

Profile: Maersk Transportation – our first product launch with a startup

Maersk and Loadsmart have redefined the last-mile delivery of goods by offering customers on-demand truckload shipping via a web platform or mobile application. Maersk Transportation is expected to gain traction among small- and medium-sized enterprises, as it offers fast, reliable and simple access to the fragmented market of freight solutions.

Read the article and learn how Maersk Growth invested capital, ran a pilot project, and leveraged Loadsmart’s technological capabilities to explore joint opportunities and create innovative solutions for Maersk customers

Ricardo Salgado, CEO & Co-Founder, Loadsmart

“Maersk is an invaluable financial partner that adds value beyond capital. They want to push the boundaries of innovation and we are fortunate to have them.”

 Ricardo Salgado, CEO & Co-Founder, Loadsmart

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