Maersk Customs Services in Croatia

Our Maersk Customs Services can help you with the complexities of border controls and customs regulations. For import and export cargos. At both - origin and destination.

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Please contact our customer service representative to include one of our Maersk Customs Service products in your supply chain.

Core product

Import customs clearance

Standard Full Customs Declaration, paying Duty & VAT upon arrival in the country in scope to gain release of cargo

  • Import declarations
  • Declaring T2L (intra EU shipments).

T1 - transit customs clerance

A customs declarations allowing to move goods between two or more different customs territories.

  • Regular T1.
  • Simplified procedure (we do not have it yet but are in the process of obtaining one).

Fiscal clearance

Import customs clearance done in the country of entry to EU while we guarantee that the VAT will be paid in the country of final destination that is a different EU country.

Export customs clearance

Standard Declaration to Customs to gain permission to board an outbound vessel.

  • Export declarations.
  • Creating T2L for intra EU shipments.

Additional Maersk Customs Services

  • Full customs clearance
  • Customs Clearance for both EU and NON-EU imports to Greece
  • T2L issuance (for EU only) exports from Greece
  • T1 issuance
  • Surveyor services
  • EUR1
  • Sanitary / Phytosanitary / Soivre (quality) Certificates
  • Veterinary certificates
  • ECS - Declaring already custom cleared cargo to European customs system.
  • Security declarations - Not included in simplified procedure but must be done before loading a vessel.
  • Scanner Assistance
  • Inspections Assistance

What is required to complete Maersk Customs Services?

  • Commercial Invoice (s)
  • Packing List (s)
  • HS codes of the cargo
  • Bill Of Lading

For Abbreviations & Explanations, please check shipping terms.





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