Maersk Integrated Logistics Hub at King Abdullah Port, Saudi Arabia

Your chemicals form the backbone of several businesses around the world. So, transporting them all the way to their destination on time is of utmost importance. Keeping this in mind, we want to simplify the way you export your petrochemical goods from Saudi Arabia to the world.

Innovation that simplifies your exports

Our latest offering, the Maersk Integrated Logistics Hub, can help you save time and money while shipping your cargo. This 100,000 sq.m. facility is a multi-carrier, pallet-handling, integrated logistics centre that serves as a temporary pallet storage facility until you’re ready to transport your goods.

With the help of this facility, you can bring down your cargo’s lead time to 8-9 days from the standard 15-18 days, and save trucking costs by about 33%. Additionally, your export operations are now easier than ever before with a single supply chain partner that handles all logistics processes.

Petrochemical hub

What Maersk Integrated Logistics Hub can do for your petrochemical shipments

Our wide scope of activities can help you move your cargo without any hassle. We can help you with the following:


  • Planning and storing palletised cargo inside the designated hub - open or shaded for sensitive grades
  • Planning for pallets to be segregated based on the product and your needs
  • Planning to arrange for empty equipment as per your forecast
  • Planning full boxes
  • Yard planning
Maersk customs services


  • Can be used for dry cargo only since there is no temperature control capability
  • Receiving palletised cargo from trucks
  • Inspection of empty containers
  • Offloading empty container from the truck to the designated hub area
  • Stuffing inside the container with palletised cargo and lashing (if required) before sending the details to you
  • Shuttling full box from Maersk Petrochemical Hub to the terminal for loading on vessel


  • Providing daily inventory reports based on your needs
  • Handling all documentation for each of the above processes, including proper issuing and collecting
  • Daily stuffing and dispatch reports

Please note: If not mentioned explicitly above, any other operation will be excluded from pricing, such as reverse logistics, etc.

Other terms and conditions will be discussed further when you are satisfied with major operations.

Taking your chemicals across the world

An efficient logistics solution will help you reach your customers across the globe without hassle. The Maersk Integrated Logistics Hub at King Abdullah Port in Saudi Arabia helps you save time and cost while moving your petrochemical cargo to different regions around the world. 

Your benefits at a glance

Our hub offers several benefits that help you reduce the time and cost required to move your cargo. These include the following: 
savings on trucking costs
reduction in storage costs
days order-to-loading time from the standard 14-18 days
days time after booking to choose your carrier
days reduction in lead time from Saudi Eastern Province to Western Province

Efficient flow of petrochemicals with Maersk Integrated Logistics Hub

Benefit from the reduced lead time from 15-18 days to 8-9 days

We’ll add value to your logistics

You can also get special value-added benefits with the Petrochemical Hub that will help you grow your business.
Ease of doing business
With our end-to-end solutions and multi-carrier benefit, we'll make it easy for you to move your cargo, so you can concentrate on growing your business.
Cost control
Cost control & capital discipline
Our hub will help you save costs by reducing empty container movement and temporary storage of full containers. What's more, you also cut loading time from the current 15-18 days to 8-9 days, and reduce lead time while moving from Saudi East to Saudi West.
Safe and reliable operations
With backup plans for contingencies, production plant efficiency, and best-in-class HSSE compliance, we’re prepared to mitigate unpredictability and complexity to ensure that your cargo reaches its destination as promised.
By cutting down truck movement in heavy traffic areas, you can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 90%. You can also maximise paperless interaction with our digital platforms and visibility dashboards.

Add-on solutions

Based on your needs, you can also add the following to your booking:
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4PL and visibility solutions

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