Maersk Customs Services in Sri Lanka

Our Maersk Customs Services can help you with the complexities of border controls and customs regulations. For import and export cargos. At both - origin and destination.

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Please contact our customer service representative to include one of our Maersk Customs Service products in your supply chain.

Core product

Commercial Export customs clearance 

  • Custom Clearance/Agency Charges for Out-bound FCL 
  • Cargo going out of Sri Lanka (please see the disclaimers mentioned below) 

Commercial Import customs clearance 

  • Custom Clearance/Agency Charges for In-bound FCL
  • Cargo coming into Sri Lanka (please see the disclaimers mentioned below) 


  • Receptible charges are passthrough and payable at actual. 
  • For any additional/adhoc service, relevant charges will be applicable. 
  • This offer is not applicable for project cargo.
  • Export on re-import basis, etc. are not considered. 
  • This offer is applicable for garments, apparels, man-made staple fibres, textiles, cotton piece goods, vegetable textile fibres, paper yarn, woven fabrics of paper yarn only.
  • Its subject to the presence of all required clean documents. 
  • Non-traditional commodities are not covered by this offer.
  • Commodities excluded: Metal Scrap, Wastepaper, Timber, Agri products, Personnel and personal effects, Used Goods, Foodstuff, Rejected re-import, Furniture, Traded Commodities & Toys.
  • Insurance for the cargo to be covered by Consignee / Importer during transit and at all time. 
  • Any other statutory VAT/Taxes will be levied extra as per Government / NBR regulation.
  • All Services provided by MAERSK are subject to MAERSK Group standard trading conditions.
  • If the charges are paid locally (in Sri Lanka) then Invoice will be created in BDT and accordingly payment should be made in BDT (as per exchange rate).
  • For the first shipment handling it will take at least 7 days for shipment processing and necessary code creation for billing/other system update after getting all required data/info.

Additional Maersk Customs Services

Beyond acquiring clearances, we also offer requirement-based consultation and procedural assistance for your cargo:
  • Issuance of Certificate of Origin (COO) - You may be required to declare that your cargo is produced in a specific country, to determine whether it's eligible for entry or entitled for any preferential treatment.
  • Health Certificate - Health Certificates may be required by the Health Authorities of the importing country, when meat, fish, and live animal are being exported.
  • Plant Quarantine Certificate - This certificate is required by the importing country, when exporting perishable items such as cut flowers, foliage plants, fruits and vegetables etc. It is issued by the Plant Quarantine Service of the Department of Agriculture
  • KYC/Registration verification - We help you with the KYC/Registration verification from the local Customs office. Without this one-time registration, SB/BOE is generally not processed by the customs.
  • Duty Consultation - We also provide consultancy services for goods classification & customs duty rates.
  • Export incentive consulting - We offer consultation for export incentives given by Sri Lankan Government
  • Import license registration - To make imports easier in the future, we help the first-time importers in acquiring licenses from local Customs authorities. 

What is required to complete Maersk Customs Services?


  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Export Duties and Levies
  • Direct Trader Input (DTI)
  • Payment of Export Duties and Levies


  • Two bank stamped invoices/ packing list
  • Original Bill of Lading
  • Goods Arrival Notice
  • Certificate of Origin/Catalogue/Literature
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Purchase Order, L/C if any
  • Any other relevant documents.

For Abbreviations & Explanations, please check shipping terms.





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