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Eliminate complexity from your supply chain.

Simplify your supply chain operations

In the last few years, supply chains have faced several challenges, and Latin America hasn’t been an exception. A disconnected view of the logistics process has led to constant firefighting and inefficiency. Adding to the complexity are multiple logistics partners, outdated technology, and lack of visibility. This has led to high operational costs and a lack of control. In this situation, it’s necessary to rethink how you operate your supply chains and work towards simplifying them.

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Maersk Lead Logistics solutions in Latin America plan and manage your logistics journey, taking the complexity out of your supply chain. We offer integrated solutions that give you visibility across your supply chain operations while we synchronise inbound and outbound flows, streamline inventory and digitise processes.

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Maersk’s Lead Logistics solutions bring value to our customers, optimising their supply chains and helping them grow.

In Latin America, we develop highly configurable solutions that fit our customer’s specific business and supply chain needs. We focus on synchronisation of all logistics stakeholders, managing exceptions, and providing visibility for maximum efficiency and control.

Eric Dominguez, Regional head Lead Logistics
Eric Dominguez,
Regional Head, Lead Logistics, Maersk

Why choose Maersk?

Local and international distribution
Worldwide presence
Get an integrated supply chain with our solutions that connects experts, operational processes and technology.
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Reliable and agile
Meet market requirements, even during disruptions, with services designed to remain reliable even while scaling up or down.
Constant innovation
Through sustainable improvement initiatives and best practice sharing, we partner with you to jointly achieve your business ambitions.

Experience the advantages of our lead logistics capabilities

Our Lead Logistics solutions in Latin America gives you the benefit of having a global team of over 5,000 experts serving across 130 countries around the world.

Leverage our global network to get:

  • On-demand model that enables flexible scaling up and down
  • Hybrid model optimised to give you synergies and better business outcomes
  • Access to the wide Maersk network on the ground
  • Expert consulting on managing supply chain challenges
  • Standardised global operations that enable you to offer consistent consumer experience

The 5-point guide to transforming your supply chain

Supply chains in Latin America face frequent disruptions that lead to inefficiencies, delays, and cost overruns. How can the region’s businesses overcome these and stay prepared for newer challenges?

Grab our e-book to discover the 5 steps to supply chain transformation.

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