Domestic Rail and Truck solutions

Now access the deepest pockets on land with greater efficiency.

The demand for your products can come from anywhere on land. That's why, it's key to have a flexible supply chain solution that gives you the network to meet them. That's what you can expect with Maersk Domestic - our offering catered to keep your cargo moving at all times, no matter the carrier.

Maersk Domestic

Maersk Domestic - How it adds value

With continuous changes in demand patterns, you need a supply chain partner who can offer you flexibility. At Maersk, our solutions are designed to give you that and more.

With Maersk Domestic, you can move your cargo to and from inlands throughout North America, no matter which ocean carrier you have chosen. Enjoy land and ocean flexibility through our inland forwarding solution and rest assured knowing that this service transits your cargo using any ocean carrier container. We do this for you with a large network of domestic rail and truck transportation.

At Maersk, it is in our best interest to satisfy your unique needs within the U.S and Canadian domestic market. With our inland offering, our customers’ supply chains can benefit from decreased lead times and a cost-competitive, best-in-class service.

Apart from our inland forwarding service, make the most of our Customs House Brokerage solution, an offering that will take care of compliance when it comes to your customs and regulations. Our team of customs experts are always at your reach to ensure that this happens with greater peace of mind and less paperwork.

Montreal to US Gulf Rail Solution

One of our newest products is our Montreal to US Gulf rail solution which decreases your lead time by 2 weeks transit.  This cost-effective solution offers clear tracking visibility through our partner CN Railway and US customs processing in Montreal.  The service, covers dry, hazardous and heavyweight freight.  Our pilot customer, a large North American metal recycling company, remarked at how “smooth and predictable” the transit has been.  They still utilize ocean services where needed, however this offers their product line increased flexibility.

Unlocking peak efficiency even during lockdown

Service Details

We provide the capacity and transportation for customers to reuse ocean containers (across many ocean container providers) thereby enabling a cost sharing model for both - our customer as well as the ocean carriers.

We offer equipment sizes ranging across 20’, 40’, and 45’ as well as cover Dry, Hazardous and Heavyweight cargo logistics solutions.

Make the most of our geographical coverage which spans across the U.S and cross border into/out of Canada, enabled by rail contracts with Class 1 railroads - BNSF, UP, NS, CSX, CN and CP; to ensure that any market is always within your reach.

Our main trading corridors focus on origin inlands moving towards the coastal areas and ports, to enable savings in empty positioning for the ocean carriers that can be shared with you, our customer.

Maersk Domestic

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