Starting January this year, enjoy connectivity from the port to distribution centres across Europe through the Maersk Deconsolidation Warehouse in Barcelona.

Whether looking for mass production, cost-effectiveness or faster output, a number of European businesses today venture overseas to fulfil their sourcing and manufacturing requirements. However, this also results in higher transit times. In such cases, the demand forecasted at a particular distribution centre may not tally with the real demand at the time when the goods arrive.

This may call for movement of cargo to other distribution centres that still have requirements.

Supply chain operations with  Maersk's warehousing facility in Barcelona

Adapt with changing demand

A typical planning lead time before consumer consumption is that of 3 months for goods to arrive to Europe. Owing to this long planning window, when the goods arrive to an appointed Distribution Centre (DC), the real demand could differ from the estimated demand, and the goods may no longer be needed at the originally appointed DC (eg. South France DC) but may be needed at another DC (eg. Spain DC).

This unbalanced demand can have negative consequences:

  • Higher cost in moving inventory between DCs.
  • Loss in sales owing to the lack of inventory in the DC that requires the same.

The need of the hour is to plan against aggregate demand through a deconsolidation hub, which features near an entry port that serves many other DCs. This ensures that goods once at the hub, can be routed to the respective DC according to the latest demand estimates.

Maersk has identified the Barcelona Port as a hub between the Iberian Peninsula and South France and has invested in a state-of-the-art mixed cross-dock and storage warehouse there. Given the availability of the Logistics Activities Zone (ZAL) and the optimum multimodal transport connectivity, major retail players have already begun positioning their deconsolidation facilities in this area.

Maersk’s new Barcelona Deconsolidation Warehouse will ensure that goods, once at the hub in Spain, can be routed to the respective distribution centres according to the latest demand estimates.

Adding value to your supply chain


Less than 1km from the Barcelona Port terminals; Less than 2km from the airport’s cargo handling area
Multimodel Transport

Multimodal transport availability

Railway connected to major logistics hubs in the Iberian Peninsula and South of France


Space to utilise 39 loading/unloading docks to move cargo through


The warehouse is located at Barcelona Logistics Activities Zone (ZAL), which qualifies as a high safety area
planning and control pictogram


Over 60,000sqm of space available for future developments

With this investment, Maersk develops its logistics activity as an integral supplier in the supply chain. Logistics is capable of adapting to the needs of each business and Maersk will be present. Our clients will be able to use our infrastructure with a warehouse directly connected to the Port, airport and Intermodal transport connected with the Iberian Peninsula and Europe.

Toni Sanchez
Site Manager Contract Logistics Barcelona at Maersk

Benefits at a glance

Bigger production lots that allow better consolidation at origin
Unmatched Visibility
Reduction on inland transportation costs
Containers Pickup
Reduction on detention costs as containers are downloaded as soon as they arrive at the port

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