As of 25.07.2022, all of the manual documentation requests for SPOT Bookings will be subject to charge – Transport Document Amendment Fee & Manual Documentation Processing Fee – and the process will be as follows, aim is to enhance the quality of work and to speed up the documentational work flow to serve you better.

Documentation processes are handled by Maersk Documentation Team and can be reached out via address, Below manual documentation requests sent to Maersk Documentation Team -where is active for web transactions- will be handled and directly charged with Transport Document Amendment Fee (AME) per BL.

  • Amendment of Cargo Description
  • Amendment of Shipment Parties
  • Amendment of Quantity and/or Weight
  • Amendment of POL and/or POD (POL & POD format on B/L)
  • Amendment of BL Type
  • Print at Destination
  • Telex Release (AME will be charged only from post-sailing time)
  • Amendment of Payer Parties
  • VGM Submission
  • VGM Amendment
  • Manual Verify Copy Sharing

Below manual documentation request sent to Maersk Documentation Team will be directly charged with Manual Documentation Processing Fee (MDF) per BL.

  • SI Submission

Transport Document Amendment Fee & Manual Documentation Fee are not going to be applicable in case of below circumstances/requests.

  • is not active for Verify Copy & BL Amendment (proven with a screenshot)
  • system down (proven with a screenshot)
  • Splitting / Combining B/L

Important notes

  • All documentational amendment requests needs to be made via and your amendment will be processed within 2 working hours after submission
  • Manual amendment requests sent to address will be processed in 4 working hours
  • Manual Splitting & Combining B/L transactions are being processed in 12 working hours
  • Manual amendment requests mailed to address will be directly charged with AME & MDF, please bear in mind that your request is an advance approval for the charges
***Transport Document Amendment Fee: USD40
***Manual Documentation Processing Fee: USD100

For more and detailed information please do not hesitate to contact with your customer experience partner.









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