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The Future of Customs | Virtual Maersk event

November 22nd 9.00–10.45 am CET
Virtual Teams Live event

An ever-evolving trade environment

Black swan events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the six days where one of the largest container ships ever built was stuck in the Suez Canal, and, most recently, the war in Ukraine, causing sanctions against Russia, have disrupted supply chains around the world.

At the same time, trade authorities are deploying new technologies and regulatory changes in data and document requirements, making it crucial for companies to keep up. In short: The trading environment is becoming less predictable and more complex. These issues can not only be solved by reactive decision making, as they can have a vast and negative impact on your ability to deliver on time, reduce costs and mitigate supply chain risks: Every day, incorrect HS codes cause 22% of all export delays.

Join us for a virtual event, where we will share deeper insights on how to lower complexity and turn customs into a strategic advantage. We will be joined by leading customs experts, and we welcome you to ask questions throughout the session.

Customs as a positive game-changer

On November 22nd, we will cover topics such as:

  • Navigating complexity and gaining trade advantage through planning
  • Impact of customs on reliable goods flows and supply chain resilience
  • Ways to achieve a more holistic and integrated approach to customs
  • Mitigating compliance risks through strategic customs decisions and customs risk management

Gaining trade advantages through smarter customs solutions

Today, customs services are much more than just moving goods from A to B across trading borders. Having an integrated approach to global customs will allow you to make informed decisions leading to a new level of supply chain resilience.

In the best scenario, customs can allow you to ride with new market opportunities, explore new markets or re-imagine your supply chain models.

Get the latest insights from global customs experts

At the virtual event, you will meet experts from Maersk and KGH, as well as companies working strategically with customs and international experts within the field. The discussions will mainly focus on trade within Europe but participants from all countries are welcome.


Bjorn Hoglund
Bjorn Hoglund
Head of Growth Europe, Customs & Trade services at Maersk
Lars Karlsson
Lars Karlsson
Global Head of Trade & Customs Consulting, Maersk
Ricardo Trevino Chapa
Ricardo Trevino Chapa
Deputy Secretary General, The World Customs Organization
Phillippe Isler
Philippe Isler
Executive Director, Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation
Joakim Ryber
Joakim Ryber
Director Customs & Trade EMEA, Volvo Group Trucks Operations
Nynne Bjerre
Nynne Bjerre
Journalist and moderator

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Discover how end-to-end visibility from Maersk Customs Services can help you overcome customs challenges to keep your goods moving on time.









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