In our story “Bananas from Ecuador to the World” we showcase our partnership in the cold chain logistics operations with our Ecuadorian customer, Donatella Fruit.

Donatella, an Ecuadorian exporter to more than 7 countries worldwide, has worked with Maersk for over 18 years to bring fresh bananas to your table.

I think that the key elements of a fruitful partnership of Donatella and Maersk are that we are both caring about the time delivery, especially for our fresh products.

Ugur Hafizoglu,
Owner of Donatella Fruit

For Donatella´s operation, it is crucial to minimize the risk of contamination and have traceability of operational flow and container handling inspection by expert and qualified staff. Working with Maersk has given visibility, integrating reefer data and optimizing transparency on reefer cargo has meant efficiency and growth opportunity for our customers.

Hafizoglu explains how challenging it is to export fresh products on time and that having a supply chain integrator is vital for their business. At Maersk, we have worked with Donatella to bring solutions to our customers, giving a one-stop shop that reduces complexity and the number of touch points in their logistics.

We started with land transportation with Donatella; then we managed to start them on a reservation service. This is a great example of strong partnerships plus a deep customer understanding and challenging the status quo to lead to great solutions.

Johan Bacigalupo,
Head of Bananas and frozen, West Coast of South America Maersk

Over time we have built a strong relationship with Donatella by bringing innovative services as their supply chain integrator, managing their bookings, depot, intermodal, Captain Peter, and ocean transportation. It has been much work together to convey solutions to our customers to help them with their operations and improve their supply chain.

Take a look at the story of Donatella and Maersk, a great example of how a strong partnership creates great solutions.