Every business, from the largest shipper to small and mid-size, has unique supply chain requirements and is impacted by changing market and economic conditions that affect planning and performance. That’s why it’s important to know about alternative logistics and transportation services that provide agility and flexibility when they’re needed. The ability to access the right solutions, at the right time, to address the demands of your business is critical to your bottom line. This is particularly advantageous in Latin America where businesses often deal with a range of infrastructure and transport network challenges. LCL is a key option to address the ever-changing conditions.

The value of LCL transportation services, and how it can be a great option to serve your business needs and enhance customer satisfaction.

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LCL services allow you to ship goods even when you don’t have enough freight to fill a regular ocean container. This is a meaningful alternative as it offers shipment size flexibility and the ability to better manage inventory levels and product mix. It also enables companies to reduce the need for large amounts of inventory on hand – a practice which risks tying up crucial cash flow.

LCL can be a cost-effective choice if you are a shipper with several orders to deliver to a tight deadline – you need to ship your goods immediately, but there isn’t enough cargo to qualify as full container. It not only allows you to meet market demand but also ensures on-time delivery – a top priority. Reliable LCL is a good option, for Latin American shippers, that ensures a reliable flow of cargo and an improved customer experience.

For companies that are using advanced technology for precise demand forecasting, LCL is the best option to cater to customer orders with a consistent flow of regular low-volume shipments. Another scenario where LCL may prove to be the best choice is when companies need to move lower freight volumes to sync up with promotions and product launches.

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Ensuring LCL freight moves reliably from origin to destination is a top priority. As a global, integrated logistics and transportation service provider, we’re uniquely positioned to offer a vast end-to-end service network. This is further complemented by our experienced, knowledgeable teams in local markets, throughout the world, that ensure your cargo moves reliably from start to finish.

You’ll find it’s easy to process your LCL shipments with us. Our online, LCL digital tool and mobile app provide you with the ability to get instant quotes and place a booking request anytime.

Hear from our experts in Latin America

In this third episode of our ‘Grow With Integrated Logistics’ interview series, two of our Latin American logistics experts share insights into the value of LCL services – a key transport option that delivers supply chain flexibility and reliability.

Ricardo Carui – Head of LCL, Latin America

Ricardo Carui

Head of LCL, Latin America

Ricardo brings over 30 years of experience in the ocean freight logistics industry where he has played a decisive role in setting up a strong presence of shipping lines in Asia and Brazil reefer market in addition to being a big advocate on driving LCL solutions as a main logistics solution rather than emergency alternative to customers.

Sharmayne Waugh – Lifestyle Sales Executive, Latin America

Sharmayne Waugh

Client Manager - Central America and Caribbean

Sharmayne has over 20 years of experience in the logistics sector. She’s served in a variety of roles including business development, operations, and sales. For the last 12 years, Sharmayne has held a number of sales positions with the Maersk Group, including: Tradelane Development Manager focused on LCL solutions; Key Account Manager, Vertical Lifestyle Area Head, and more recently, Local Client Manager in the Central America and Caribbean Area.

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