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ExpoAlimentaria 2023

Jockey Exhibition Centre, Lima
27-29 September 2023
Lima, Peru

A fresh perishable goods

No mean challenge

The logistics of food is no laughing matter. It’s serious business.
If you’re in the business of transporting food in Latin America, you would know.

From farms and production centres to warehouses and supermarkets thousands of miles away, the movement of your cargo throws up several challenges.

Difficult inland infrastructure, poor warehousing, unreliable ocean transport, and challenging cross-border controls are some of these.

How do you then keep your food cargo on the move?
How do you keep it safe?
How do you keep it in control?

How can we help?

Our array of transport assets across land, air and ocean, brought together by the latest digital technologies, can give your food cargo trackable and measurable logistics.

This way, your supply chain is safe, on time, and in your control from end to end.

A fresh perishable goods

Unique needs call for unique solutions

At ExpoAlimentaria 2023, we will showcase how integrated logistics can resolve the many challenges that food transporters face.

We would also love to listen to your logistics requirements and challenges, which might call for specific solutions.

Our experts would be happy to assist you in designing a customised approach to transporting your food cargo, both dry and refrigerated.

These solutions will be built to ease your specific pain-points and optimise efficiency, productivity and capacity.

Visit us at Booth 36-37, Jockey Exhibition Centre, Lima.

A chance to hear our experts

You can also attend a special session hosted by our experts in Peru.
Walk into Sala de Conferencias at 11.15 AM on 28 September to hear them speak on.

Boris Aljaro Head of Integrated Sales (Fruits and Vegetables), Maersk Peru
Boris Aljaro
Head of Integrated Sales (Fruits and Vegetables), Maersk Peru
Ignacio Urzua, Head of FMCG, Maersk Peru
Ignacio Urzua
Head of FMCG, Maersk Peru
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Captain Peter™

Have you met your virtual reefer assistant yet? Our reefer visibility product, Captain Peter™ lets you know how your refrigerated cargo is doing during transit. It is free to try, and immediately available to Maersk customers. Our newly introduced features like Arrival Summary and Easy Sharing allow you to filter shipping information more conveniently and share live data with your vendors securely through API integration. You can now monitor and control your cargo’s journey from the comfort of your home in a few easy clicks. Get instant notification whenever there’s a slight deviation in your containers’ humidity or temperature.
Learn more

Are you excited about ExpoAlimentaria 2023?

This is your chance to meet like-minded people from the food community and learn what’s keeping the industry buzzing.

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A knowledge sharing experience with the experts
Request a demo of Captain Peter™
A community that inspires at our customer event

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