DP World Southampton announced effective the 1st September 2023 it would be trialling for one year until 31st August 2024 a Modal Shift Programme (MSP). Since the scheme launched DP World Southampton have seen an increase in clients utilising the rail from 24% in August 2023 prior to the effective date of the scheme to 31% of all containers as of January of this year.

The current MSP gained for laden import containers which travel by rail to a railhead incentive zone is GBP 100, from the 1st of January 2024 to the 31st of March 2024.

The incentive for the next quarter will be GBP 80 per laden import container. With the next review to be announced by the end of May 2024.

As a reminder please note the highlights of the scheme:
  • A MSP Fee of GBP 10.00 will be applied to all import laden containers.
  • The MSP incentive of GBP 80.00 will be set between the 1st of April to the 30th of June 2024.
  • The MSP will be credited for any import laden container which leaves DP World Southampton by rail to a railhead within the MSP Incentive Zone as seen in the below map.
  • Any import laden container which leaves Southampton by rail to a railhead outside the MSP Incentive Zone will be refunded the MSP Fee.
  • The MSP Fee will be charged to the import clearing agent who makes the customs declaration.
  • If goods move by rail outside the 140 miles, the MSP will be repaid.
  • This scheme does not apply to road.
  • The MSP Incentive will be gained for all containers connecting to an import intermodal train within the MSP Incentive Zone within 72 hours of departing the DP World Southampton terminal as a gate out.

Intermodal railheads within DP World Southampton MSP Incentive Zone include:

MSP Incentive Zone

Avonmouth, Bristol and Portbury
Birmingham Hams Hall, Birmingham (BIFT) Birch Coppice
And Birmingham Landor Street
East Midlands Gateway
Daventry and Northampton
DP World London Gateway

The MSP Incentive zone is approx. 140 miles.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your local sales or customer experience representative.

We want to thank you for your business.









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