Cultural transformation and prevention at sea

Ensuring a psychologically safe and inclusive environment is paramount, no matter where you work.

Setting a global standard

Maersk has zero tolerance against bullying, discrimination, violence, sexual harassment, sexual assault or harassment of any kind. We want every employee to be treated with respect and dignity and are committed to creating an inclusive workplace where diversity is valued. We have launched a global policy which:

  • Sets out the minimum standards of behaviour we need from our employees
  • Helps our employees identify any situation of misconduct
  • Empowers people to speak up if they witness anything inappropriate.

Every employee has the right to work in an environment that is free from prejudice, bias, offensive and inappropriate behavior. That makes it a key principle for us to handle all reported incidents promptly, fairly, and transparently and to work hard to promote an environment where people speak up and receive our support to do so.

Cadets in boiler suits looking over the side of a container ship From Cadet Administration and Recruitment Denmark

Our mission is to constantly develop a workplace where everybody can thrive and live to their full potential regardless of background, gender, nationality, religion or sexual orientation. While many initiatives have taken place to date, we recognize that we need to build not only a physically safe workplace, but a psychologically safe environment where people speak up if they feel or see something inappropriate.

Ingrid profile
Ingrid Uppelschoten Snelderwaard
Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Training numbers

Leaders at sea have received anti-SASH training
Seafarers are receiving anti-SASH training

A cultural transformation at sea

For seafarers, their place of work is at sea, miles away from their home. Our 12,500 seafarers work in a unique and often challenging environment where – often for weeks and months – the only interaction they have is with their fellow crew members. As a company guided by core values, we strive to create a safe environment for our people, yet we’ve not always been successful. Going forward, we are determined to change this.
Maersk ship at blue ocean

Most of the men and women working onboard our vessels are highly honorable, respectful and hardworking. We do however also know that we have not always had a fully safe and trusted environment onboard all our vessels. For the past couple of years, we have worked very hard on changing this and we are determined to create both a physical and psychologically safe and inclusive working environment on our vessels.

Picture of Nynne Norman ScheuerNynne
Nynne Norman Scheuer
Head of Marine People & Culture

Read about key initiatives in our Cultural Transformation at sea

We have improved our complaint procedure, trained the people who handle the reports and opened new lines of reporting

A Complaint Board has been established to handle all cases related to sexual assault and sexual harassment (SASH). The Board reviews and assists the handling by the appointed case-officer to ensure a thorough, fair and transparent handling for all involved parties. Furthermore, we have upscaled our complaint handling resources, provided first response training for all relevant shore-based employees and opened new lines for our employees to raise complaints.

Across ranks, our seafarers can raise a complaint via the Maersk Ombuds function, the Maersk Whistleblower and via the Seafarer Hotline, a dedicated point of contact for seafarers.

Female seafarers

On Our Respect Radar campaign

In June 2022, we launched the “On Our Respect Radar” campaign which focuses on enabling people to identify harassment of any kind as well as ensure they know how to react to it. It addresses all seafarers but has a special focus on leaders. As part of the campaign, all 2,500 seagoing leaders and relevant office personnel have received anti-sexual assault/anti-sexual harassment training.

Throughout 2024, anti-SASH trainings sessions are being conducted on board all vessels for all crew. Furthermore all Senior Officers and all crew have customised anti-SASH e-Learning available. The aim of the campaign is to make sure that all have a common vocabulary and know what constitutes sexual harassment and what to do if one experiences a situation of misconduct.

Female seafarers

Leadership Academy

A new leadership program for all seagoing leaders and their shore-based managers have been launched. The leadership program addresses behaviour skills and how to provide a psychologically safe working environment. The program will run for two years. All Senior Officers and ship management functions will receive face-to-face training in the following capabilities:

  • Trust & Inclusion
  • Guarding our Safety
  • I am a Role Model
  • I Lead with Presence

The program is fully dedicated to supporting the cultural transformation and equip all leaders with the tools they need to build a work culture of inclusion and respect.

So far, all seagoing leaders have kicked off their learning journey and 50% have been through the onsite leadership training.

Life at sea with Captain Brian Sørensen on the bridge in the South China Sea.

Cadet culture program

To further strengthen all ranks, and to make sure that we create a solid foundation for a working life of inclusion and respect, a Cadet Culture program will be rolled out across Maersk. The program focuses on making sure that all cadets know the support they get if they experience any situations of misconduct. Furthermore, the program focuses on preparing our cadets for a role as future leaders – a role where they are mindful of own behaviours, the nature of SASH and know how to contribute to creating a psychologically safe work environment.

Maersk vessel mathilde container

Listening to the seafarers

We listen to and connect with the seafarers regularly to understand the prevailing culture and gauge our progress on the transformation, including

  • Quarterly Pulse Surveys
  • Bi-annual Engagement Survey 
  • Crew Connects with all seafarers
Maersk women employee at Sea.

Focus on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion across the fleet

We recognize that an inclusive everyday life is extremely important in our work environment. Therefore, we are rolling out initiatives that cater to a more inclusive environment, one example is size inclusive personal protective equipment. Furthermore, we are working to ensure that all newbuilt vessels are inclusive in design, and across the fleet we are supporting Pride.
Officers working on the bridge during sailing in the South China Sea.


Maersk is set to attract talent, and we have therefore launched different initiatives that support female attraction including India’s first seafarers’ cadet programme dedicated to women. The aim is to ensure a more gender balanced fleet.

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