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Maersk Spot 订舱的详细步骤指南

使用 Maersk Spot 在线订舱是一个简单高效的过程,随时随地都能完成。 订舱服务 24x7 全天候开放。

Maersk Spot 美国贸易版受 FMC(美国联邦海事委员会)监管,与其他贸易使用的 Maersk Spot 有稍许不同。

请在下面选择您要预订 Maersk Spot 还是 Maersk Spot 美国贸易版,然后就能看到具体过程有多简单。

We find Maersk Spot very innovative and easy to use. Now we don't have to wait for rates, since with Maersk Spot we immediately see the available rates and departures. But really what I like the most is that there is a price difference between departure dates. This means that if you plan your business well you can generate savings, since almost always the further out you book the cheaper the price.

Silvio Gonzalez
Compañía Recicladora de Nicaragua S.A.

Maersk Spot 在线订舱

使用 Maersk Spot 查看价格和在线订舱,乐享诸多好处。