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Learn about 4PL

The term 4PL is being thrown around quite a lot. But what does it mean and what can it do for your business? There may be untapped potential in going with a 4PL solution, whether running a multinational corporation or a new start-up. Learn about the in’s and out’s of 4PL with Martin Holme, Global Head of Lead Logistics.

Five tips for handling customs

Customs can be complex and take a lot of ressources. Handled the right way, it can help improve the business and even create an edge against your competitors. Furthermore, neglecting customs can seriously hurt and expose vulnerabilities in your business. Lars Karlsson, Global Head of Trade Consulting, shares his top five tips to optimise the flow and handling of customs.

The call for Sustainability in Lifestyle

Within the last years, the lifestyle industry has been on a journey towards sustainability, also in part pushed by the desire of its final customers. Despite this, a lot has still to be done within the logistics supply chains that move lifestyle goods in regards to them using less resources during production or within transportation. As lifestyle supply chain expert Josué Alzamora says "becoming more sustainable doesn’t have to be an expense". Watch the video to join the conversation.

Global e-commerce logistics

What are the current e-commerce logistics needs within the supply chain industry? What are the e-commerce trends and shopping behaviors observed in 2022? How can businesses make the transition online with ease? Access the answers to these questions and more industry insights captured in this video. Watch now and hear from the expert.

Integrated logistics

Sports trends and supply chain planning

How are trends in the sports industry affecting supply chain planning? Get insights from our experts and read on about supply chain solutions to ensure end-to-end visibility.

4 trends against automotive supply chain disruptions

How can automotive companies weather disruptions? Read on to get four key trends that can help mitigate disruptions from experts and much more.

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Digitalisation insights

The digital world is vital to companies, with many choosing to use it to reach and expand their customer base. Read on for the latest digital innovations within logistics.

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Sustainability insights

Sustainability and supply chains can go together. Streamlined end-to-end logistics give increased visibility, more control and further agility. Read on to get the latest on sustainable activity.

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Resilience insights

Insecurity and instability are on the rise, with disruptions, delays and crises uncovering the need for resilience to fortify supply chains. Read on for insights on resilience action.

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Growth insights

Expansion, connection, and growth; three key elements most companies are constantly looking invest in and develop in an ever-changing game of logistics. Click here for all things growth.

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Integrated logistics insights
Integrated logistics

Everything is connected, especially logistics. Supply chains span the globe, with each component affecting the next. Read on for more insights on all things integrated logistics.

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