Maersk Customs Services in Austria

Our Maersk Customs Services can help you with the complexities of border controls and customs regulations. For import and export cargos. At both - origin and destination.

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Please contact our customer service representative to include one of our Maersk Customs Service products in your supply chain.

Core product

Import customs clearance

  • Import to the free market
  • Temporary imports (e.g. inward processing)
  • Re-imports of temporarily exported goods
  • Re-imports from outward processing
  • Closing temporary imports
  • Approval management with the power of attorney of the process owner
  • Support of the customs authorities with physical goods controls
  • Support of other authorities with physical goods controls
  • Customs Warehousing
  • T2L/T2LF

Export customs clearance

  • Permanent Export
  • Temporary exports (e.g. outward processing)
  • Re-exports of temporarily imported goods
  • Re-exports from inward processing
  • Certificates of origin / EUR.1
    • Originals to be submitted where necessary

Transit documents

  • T1
  • T2

Additional Maersk Customs Services

  • Goods Classification
  • Consulting
    • Customs Processes
    • Customs Law
    • Origin and Free Trade Agreements
  • Entries with customs and other authorities with power of attorney
    • digital via CDA (Customs Decision Austria)
    • on paper for all cases which cannot be handled by CDA

What is required to complete Maersk Customs Services?

Signed Power of Attorney (POA)

Mandatory documents required:

Signed POA (Power of Attorney) as such:

  • Standard Form of Maersk Austria, stamped and signed
  • on Company Letter Headed paper of the notice giver

Proof of the value of the goods such as:

  • invoice
  • proforma invoice
  • confirmation of the order

Packing list if the number of packages, gross weight and net weight do not appear on the invoice Terms of Trade

  • Incoterm with place


Additional documents (where applicable)

  • Waybill, Bill of Lading, CMR, if available
  • Truck-Plate or Container-No. and Nationality where available
  • Customs office of exit in terms of export clearances
  • Any type of certificate or permit depending on what is required for the particular commodity
  • Certificate of Origins
  • Binding tariff information (if a valid one exists)

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