Maersk Customs Services in Nepal

Our Maersk Customs Services can help you with the complexities of border controls and customs regulations. For import and export cargos. At both - origin and destination.

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Please contact our customer service representative to include one of our Maersk Customs Service products in your supply chain.

Core products

In Transit clearance

Customs document auditing and reporting to ensure correct duty amount is used on import shipments.
  • ECTS process for Nepal
  • Transit approval from embassy & customs
  • Documentation verification

Additional Maersk Customs Services

Beyond acquiring clearances, we also offer requirement-based consultation and procedural assistance for your cargo:
  • Issuance of Certificate of Origin (COO) - You may be required to declare that your cargo is produced in a specific country, to determine whether it's eligible for entry or entitled for any preferential treatment.
  • NOC from Assistant Drug Controller - If your cargo comprises of chemicals then we can help in obtaining the NOC at the port, which serves as a concrete proof for undergoing the necessary quality checks.
  • Plant Quarantine Certificate - Consignments containing perishables undergo isolated tests to ensure that they are disease and pest-free. We take care of the complete process until the certification is acquired
  • KYC verification - We help you with the KYC verification from the local Commissionerate office. Without this one-time registration, SB/BOE is generally not processed by the customs.
  • Bank registration - We also assist in the registration of AD and IFSC codes with the EDI Department, because both are needed for foreign exchange and Duty Drawback Scheme respectively.
  • Export incentive consulting - We offer export incentive consultation for the Duty Drawback Scheme (DBK - 74 & 75), the Merchandise Export from India Scheme (MEIS Scheme) and EPCG.
  • Import license registration - To make imports easier in the future, we help the first-time importers in acquiring licenses from DGFT, with local Customs. e.g. EPCG, advance license.

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