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Maersk's new warehousing, distribution and fulfilment at Jeddah is primed to optimise and speed up your global supply chain.

Get a solution that fits all your logistics needs

Thousands of tonnes of cargo move through the strategic Jeddah Islamic Port in Saudi Arabia every year. Our new state-of-the-art warehousing and distribution facility near this historic port empowers you to marry speed and efficiency to your supply chain. The 20,000-sqm warehouse is located in the Nakheel District, minutes away from the port and close to the city centre and markets.

With our integrated global logistics solutions, you get seamless end-to-end servicing of your shipments and greater control, visibility and optimisation of your supply chain, whether it caters to FMCG, food and retail or fashion and lifestyle.

From ocean shipping and inland trucking to warehousing and e-commerce order fulfillment, we ensure that your cargo remains safe and secure with us all the way, without needing to pass through vendors. Take advantage of our value-added services for processes such as labeling, quality control and cargo sorting. Our online digital tools enable you to monitor your cargo in real time, round the clock.

The fully secure facility is docked on two sides for easy entry/exit and has dedicated van parking space inside the compound for safe handling of your cargo. The entire warehouse is also tightly temperature controlled to process reefer cargo and certified to store and process pharmaceuticals.

warehousing and distribution facility

Key benefits

Strategic location

Strategic location

Jeddah is the nerve centre of global shipping routes, and our facility is right next to the Jeddah seaport, very close to trade and market centres inland.
Value added services

Value added services

We offer several services including, sorting, scanning, labeling, pallet logistics, goods disposal and quality control.

One-stop shop

We provide integrated end-to-end servicing, so all your supply chain requirements are met under one roof.
Cold Stores Truck

Cold chain cargo

Our facility and staff are certified and equipped to handle refrigerated cargo and pharmaceutical shipments to the highest international standards.
Greater visibility

Greater visibility

Our technology solutions enable real-time tracking and monitoring of your cargo’s conditions from anywhere in the world.
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Trusted partner

With only a single provider handling your cargo from factory to customer, quality is maintained throughout the supply chain.
Lower lead times

Lower lead times

Our unmatched reliability enables you to fulfil orders directly from the warehouse, so you can reach market faster.
Strategy compliance

Direct to customers

Fulfil all your e-commerce orders directly from our warehouse with our suite of services and cut out intermediate layers from your supply chain.

Make space for more at Jeddah


Food and Retail

Whether it is refrigerated or packaged goods, our team of experts are well equipped to handle your cargo 24/7, so your customers can keep their shelves stocked all the time.
Fashion and Lifestyle

Fashion and Lifestyle

Stay ahead of the latest trends with Maersk’s integrated services supporting your on-demand and seasonal production cycles and ensuring your wares reach the market on time.


From consol/deconsol to direct order fulfilment, our Jeddah facility to enables you to respond quickly to the rising demands of a fast-paced global market.

Make space for smooth shipments

Leverage our integrated supply chain solutions to reduce costs and transportation times at our new warehouse and distribution facility in Jeddah. Transload seamlessly from ocean to inland or air freight transportation options with our end-to-end logistics services.

Our innovative technologies and digital tools enable you to automate and optimise your supply chain needs. You can also accomplish a host of value-added services such as labelling, sorting, and order fulfilment right from our facility.

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