Over the past weeks we have been made aware of several articles presenting incorrect or fabricated information regarding Maersk and our activities in Kenya and especially in the port of Mombasa. These allegations are aimed at hurting our brand and putting at risk our reputation on the Kenyan market, jeopardizing the long and trusted relationships we have developed over the years with Kenyan businesses and all relevant stakeholders. Not only is the information provided grossly incorrect, but the initial article, masquerading as a legitimate article under the banner of a reputable publication, has been fraudulently fabricated. We have received confirmation from the media outlet in question of this violation. In addition, the insinuated investigation by Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is also false, as no such action has ever taken place. We strongly condemn such actions, which not only harm us, but also manipulate the public who come across such information.

As Maersk, we always operate with full respect and full adherence to local and national laws and regulations in all locations where we are present. We engage with our stakeholders in an open and transparent way and distance ourselves from politics and we have policies in place against any illegal practices in such interactions. We strongly denounce accusations of bribery or payments to political organisations or politically connected individuals disseminated by some of these mentioned publications. We equally reject allegations that Maersk has illegally obtained the right to berth at Mombasa free of charge. Our presence in the Port of Mombasa, berthing rights and operational arrangements there are based on the export and import volumes we bring to the port and the opportunities we create for Kenyan businesses who use our transportation services. We remain strongly committed to supporting our customers in Kenya and creating reliable logistics solutions that help them - and the local economy - grow.

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