Explore the highlights from the AEO Program and E-Commerce Conference to help simplify your customs.

Navigating global trade has become more complex than ever before. In the last few years, Latin America has experienced changing consumer patterns, resulting in disrupted supply chain practices. When it comes to customs, the rapid growth of e-commerce, rising protectionism, increasing taxes, and fluctuating local laws and regulations have created a complex maze of challenges.

AEO Program and E-Commerce Conference

Decoding customs regulations

Maersk was a sponsor at the AEO Program and E-Commerce Conference, held from 18-19 May and organised by Receita Federal do Brasil (RFB) and Procomex (Alliance for the Modernization of the Foreign Trade Logistics). The event focused on customs processes and management, and the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status.

The main themes on the agenda were joint solutions and regional efforts to integrate AEO programs through coordinated border management. Experts also discussed the implications of growing e-commerce in the region.

There were over 420+ attendees and a landmark move of over 11 Latin American countries signing the AEO Mutual Recognition Agreement. This agreement promotes end-to-end supply chain security by indicating that the security requirements or standards of different AEOs are the same or similar. This helps in securing and facilitating global trade.

Lars Karlson, Global Head of Trade and Customs Consulting at Maersk was at the seminar

Our expert, Lars Karlson, Global Head of Trade and Customs Consulting at Maersk was at the seminar to speak about the growth of e-commerce. He was also part of a panel discussion focused on how businesses are moving into a new paradigm – the Global Trade 2.0 – and the impacts and opportunities it poses for customs agencies and traders.

Our Latin America customs experts also engaged with the audience to answer questions about navigating customs with ease.

Maersk’s Global Trade and Customs Consulting services team

Helping you simplify customs

Customs processes are constantly evolving depending on local and international laws. Having the expertise to navigate uncertainty can make or break your supply chain. That’s why Maersk’s Global Trade and Customs Consulting services bring you highly qualified trade & customs consultants and compliance experts to assist with moving your cargo across international borders efficiently.

Get the best of both worlds with our global presence and local expertise that offer unique control tower solutions, including HS Classification, AEO GURU, and the Digital Customs Academy. What’s more, for private sector or government consulting, our customs services in Latin America have got you covered.

Got questions?

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