Women in Logistics blog post by My Therese Blank, Head of Oceania Export Market 

Maersk’s purpose is “improving life for all by integrating the world”. This idea, along with working alongside inspiring and innovative colleagues, has kept me motivated over my 16 years at Maersk. Working in a male-dominated industry has its challenges, but as a female business leader, I want to show my daughters and female talent that there’s a home for them in logistics if they choose it.

I grew up in a small Swedish town, Eskilstuna, but since graduating from university Maersk has been my home. And I’ve had the joy of moving that home all around the world while developing my career.

Connecting even the most remote places

In 2012, I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to establish Maersk in Myanmar. The experience was a chance for me to see the impact of global trade on local communities and Maersk’s role in connecting Myanmar to the world.

I saw infrastructure developed from scratch, allowing the population to access mobile phone networks and connect to a wider range of goods and services from across the world. The hospitality and generosity of the Myanmarese people will stick with me for the rest of my life. Since then, I’ve met equally wonderful people during the past eight years in Oceania—island nations where ocean transport networks are key to the economy and the local population. How Maersk enables imports, exports and domestic cargo to ensure essential goods are available on the shelf (something many of us take for granted!) has a huge impact on the Oceania economy.

COVID put a mostly invisible industry front and centre

When the shipping and logistics industry works smoothly, the supply chain becomes invisible to consumers. But the COVID pandemic made it clear how disruptions can have massive ripple effects on how goods are delivered.

Transport networks are interconnected, and it only takes one piece falling out of line for the entire system to be disrupted. That’s part of what makes my job so thrilling: every day I solve new puzzles to enable a continuous flow of goods across the world.

Pioneering sustainable shipping all over the world

One of the most exciting challenges we’re solving is reducing the carbon footprint of ocean shipping with sustainable fuels for our vessels.

Unfortunately, ocean shipping contributes to 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions. While that’s not a huge piece of the overall pie, it matters, especially since that number is predicted to increase to 17% by 2050 if left unchanged.

At Maersk, we’re developing new technologies to create an ocean network fuelled by green-methanol gas. We’re leading collaboration across the industry to develop the fuel itself, as well as the global supply chain to enable net zero supply chain solutions, which will be the future standard of transport networks.

Interestingly, the Oceania region is one of the heaviest users of Maersk’s Eco delivery, which reduces CO2 emissions by more than 80%. Today, approximately 40% of our volume in Oceania is transported via Maersk Eco delivery.

Women can have global, engaging careers in logistics

From a small railroad hub in the middle of Sweden to the world down under, Maersk has given me the opportunity to make a difference, to be a role model for my daughters and to experience the world!

It’s been a joy to work with and be inspired by such engaged and innovative colleagues committed to transforming our industry. I very much look forward to continuing to transform our industry in the years to come and making a positive impact on people, economies and our environment.

Picture of Therese blank
My Therese Blank
Head of Oceania Export Market

Over her 16 year career at Maersk, My has worked in 12 positions in 10 different cities. She enjoys travelling, cooking and spending time with her daughters.

An interesting fact about My: On her first day in Myanmar in 2012, she had to iron USD 100 bills, as folded notes were worth nothing.









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