The pandemic and its aftermath have forever changed the narrative of international trade. Global supply chains are facing the worst shortages in 50 years with little respite in sight. For those dealing in temperature-sensitive cargo, this is a call to arms to revamp their supply chain strategies so that unexpected delays do not affect the quality and freshness of refrigerated goods. Businesses like yours will need more flexibility in their supply chains, with a significant imperative to reduce wastage and mitigate the cost of supply chain glitches. To achieve that, you will need to focus on the following key topics:

  • Building resilience to create an unbreakable cold chain
  • Gaining visibility into your cold chain operations
  • Operating in a sustainable and efficient way

Through this e-book, get a deeper understanding of the current challenges facing cold chains in Europe and how you can respond to them head-on – exploring everything from cold stores to reefer visibility assistants and emissions tracking.

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