During the third week of 2023, the National Retail Federation (NRF), organized a three day event: “NRF 2023 Retail´s Big Show”. An important event for the retail sector where they have different activities from expositions through educational conferences and partners that will help the sector succeed during 2023. This year the event took place in New York City with more than 175 sessions, around 350 speakers, and more than 1000 exhibitors who were part of the big event of the retail industry.

Maersk Group participated in a panel during a dinner experience organized by VTEX . The Dinner started with a panel hosted by: Daniela Jurado, Executive for VTEX, and as participants were Barbara Ford, VP of Global Commerce Partners for Nuvei, and Ricardo Rocha, Regional Head of Logistics and Services in Latin America and the Caribbean for Maersk. The main topic was: “How to create a 360° strategy to expand a sales operation to other countries” afterward the event ended up with a dining experience where there was a raffle.

Vtex dinner experience

Ricardo Rocha, was the representative of Maersk Group in the panel and spoke about how Maersk supports its customers with end-to-end solutions, managing the entire journey for our customers’ products through inland services, Maersk customs services, ocean freight, airfreight, warehouse management, and distribution, etc.

They also discussed how logistics operations have a great level of complexity in their own territory, which gets even more difficult when they want to increase the delivery range to other countries. Rocha explained how it is crucial to have a reliable logistics provider that will help have a smooth introduction to a new world.

Your logistics provider must be Agile in response and solution offerings, Flexible to the uncertain and volatile times we are living, give you Visibility of your inventory, with the technological capabilities that the changing market is requiring and be Resilient in enabling you to meet your objectives. These characteristics will provide you with the correct information at the right time to make decisions and simplify your supply chains.

Ricardo Rocha
Regional Head of Logistics and Services in Latin America and the Caribbean for Maersk

The panel ended up with a description of what is crucial to create the strategy to expand sales safely to other countries having a certain level of security or stability while you navigate the waters of a new market with new challenges. Stability or safety you can achieve through a partner to whom you can trust your needs, so you can focus on your sales while your partner covers the rest of your needs to be enabled by their expertise and capabilities within this new market and future markets for expansion.

The dinner experience took place in The Wilson, NYC and more than 85 retailers from Latin America attended the panel and a relaxed dinner for networking.









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