Your partnership is of the utmost importance to us and as your supply chain partner, our aim is to ensure that your logistics continue to move with agility, connectivity, and ease. We are therefore pleased to announce that as 03 April 2023, we are furthering the integration of LF Logistics and Fung Omni into Maersk, where LF Logistics and Fung Omni will now use the visual band identity of Maersk.

Please note that this will not impact your agreements/or contracts in any way as a customer of any of these brands, and requires no action from your side. However, we wish to highlight how it will change the following areas:

The rebranding will have no impact to our customer agreements and/or contracts. They will remain the same.

All matters pertaining to legal entity, including invoicing, will continue to be controlled by the respective LF Logistics and Fung Omni legal entities, and will stay the same as customers have been using prior to 3 April 2023. Billing, as in the case of transport and transactional documentation, will bear the visual brand identity of Maersk, alongside account information for LF Logistics and Fung Omni.

The bank accounts of LF Logistics and Fung Omni remain open, and therefore, all payments after 3 April 2023 should continue to be paid to the bank account of LF Logistics (as trade name under LF Logistics) and Fung Omni (as trade name under Fung Omni) which are specified on the invoices, as the legal entities of LF Logistics and Fung Omni remain in place until further notice.

As of 03 April 2023, the webpages of Fung Omni,, and LF Logistics,, will no longer exist. You will instead be redirected to, where you will be able to find solutions to your omnichannel and supply chain needs.

Additional important information:
LF Logistics representatives and Fung Omni representatives have become a part of Maersk. This means customers’ current account team and contacts will remain the same as prior to the integration. Should changes occur in the future, we will ensure to inform you a timely manner.

We appreciate the partnership we have enjoyed with you as LF Logistics and Fung Omni and look forward to continuing to assist you on all matters pertaining to your logistical needs as Maersk and Maersk Logistics & Services.

Should you have any further questions, please see the below Questions and Answers sections, or contact our customer experience and commercial teams, who are always available to support should you need assistance.

External Q&A in connection with the rebranding LF Logistics to Maersk









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