In partnership with Maersk, the sustainable Spanish tuna fishery is reducing complexities, increasing efficiencies and streamlining its supply chain

Man holding a fish

The background

Established in 1967, Echebastar is a fishing company based in Bermeo, northern Spain, committed to responsibly harvesting the finest quality tuna, supplying premium products while working to preserve the environment for future generations.

In recognition of its commitment to sustainable fishing, the company holds Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification, widely considered the most rigorous global standard for sustainable and well-managed fisheries.

With its tuna deep-frozen to -60°C on board its fleet of six harvesting vessels, Echebastar is unique in the international market and relies on a seamless supply chain to ensure that its product remains fresh during long journeys across continents.

Truck unloading

The challenge

Echebastar was encountering certain challenges due to complexities within its supply chain.

Working with multiple vendors meant receiving multiple invoices and dealing with different channels of communication. Inaccurate or complex invoices were causing delays in processing, and the customer was experiencing high overall costs and battling with the unreliability of third-party shipping schedules.

To bring greater efficiency to its supply chain, and to enable Echebastar to better handle complexities, the company needed an experienced logistics partner that could offer simplicity and global opportunity.

As the scope of our business grew, the complexities in our supply chain also grew, increasing the need for new solutions. With Maersk’s integrated offering of products and services, we are able to grow our business and bring our tuna fish to consumers around the world, no matter where they may be located.

Juan Basagoiti
Chief Commercial Officer, Echebastar
Truck with Maersk logo

The solution

To bring greater efficiency and stability to Echebastar’s supply chain, Maersk is now providing a comprehensive service and removing much of the administrative burden.

By managing shipments of both dry and brine frozen tuna, irrespective of required temperature, the customer can enjoy the simplicity of one point of contact to organise the transportation of tuna through the supply chain.

Maersk is handling booking management for the customer; stevedoring on fishing vessels; stuffing containers at all three quays using fish loaders; 24/7 plugging and monitoring; terminal handling; export haulage; and global shipments via ocean.

Alongside this, Echebastar is receiving a customs brokerage service from the port of origin, which is allowing the customer to focus on its core business and not become weighed down in time-consuming and demanding administration. Maersk’s expertise in this area also has the potential to bring financial savings to Echebastar through reduced taxes and duties.

The customer is also harnessing the potential of data to improve visibility over its cargo in transit. Maersk’s Remote Container Management (RCM) solution, powered by virtual assistant, Captain Peter, enables Echebastar to stay up to date on its containers’ conditions, including temperature and humidity, offering real-time insight while goods are at sea.

Crucially, Echebastar now has complete transparency over its supply chain through its partnership with Maersk. With one price, one point of contact and one transport invoice, the customer has simplified and streamlined its logistics.

Sliced fish steaks

The result

Since partnering with Maersk, Echebastar has seen considerable benefits to its supply chain setup and is now reaping both the financial and administrative rewards.

With weekly ocean sailing to global destinations, the customer is enjoying greater schedule reliability, and with one all-in rate, its overall logistics costs have been reduced.

These core benefits are also bolstered by a simplified export process, an integrated cold chain solution, and improved operational lead times, all of which are easing the strain on the customer and allowing them to continue focusing on the core elements of their business.

Today, Maersk’s global network allows us to reach multiple destinations across the globe. With shorter transit times and smaller volumes, we can provide a sustainable product to our customers while reducing food loss.

Juan Basagoiti
Chief Commercial Officer, Echebastar
Man and woman talking

The availability of real-time data is also supporting the customer to effectively monitor its cargo in transit. Through Maersk’s RCM solution, Echebastar can maintain consistent awareness of the condition of its tuna, better predict arrival times through live GPS tracking, and make smarter, more informed decisions if delays do occur.

Now, with unrivalled transparency and visibility across its supply chain, driven by the accessibility of pinpoint data accuracy, Echebastar is operating a streamlined supply chain in partnership with a global expert in cold chain logistics.

The success of this relationship relies on Maersk’s global footprint, but also on the natural synergies between Maersk and Echebastar in terms of culture and ethos. Echebastar’s commitment to responsible fishing, coupled with Maersk’s ongoing advancements in decarbonising logistics, have resulted in an authentic partnership.

The two companies are now working together to leave a positive footprint, both in the fishing industry and in the global logistics sector – collaborating to deliver sustainable products to consumers around the world.

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