Keeping supply chains on course has been challenging in the last few years. Even in the post-pandemic era, supply chain risks remain. Geopolitical unrest, extreme weather, labour issues, adverse infrastructure conditions, changing consumer behaviour or other unforeseen events can throw any supply chain off schedule.

These challenging years have taught us important lessons about risks and what is needed to keep supply chains running smoothly. We as an industry found that it is extremely important to incorporate flexibility, resilience and agility into supply chain planning to address uncertainty and simplify and streamline logistics.

An increased level of partnership and holistic planning helps ensure supply chains deliver the best possible business outcomes. As a well-established global company, we draw from a significant pool of resources to help you grow your business. By streamlining supply chain management with advanced technology— like end-to-end visibility, expert insights, market knowledge and an integrated approach to your supply chain, we’ve got you covered from start to finish.

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Supply chain experts in Latin America

Our knowledgeable global experts across the world and local team in Latin America are prepared to provide optimal integrated logistics solutions tailored to meet your supply chain needs. With a greater level of coordination, consistency and timely communication, your cargo can move reliably throughout its journey. This means that problems and delays are identified and addressed more quickly, leading to faster delivery times and lower costs.

Lesser the number of parties involved with a shipment, greater is the supply chain continuity. This helps businesses achieve better bottom-line results and stay ahead of the competition.

Hear from our experts in Latin America

In this video, you’ll hear from two of our experts, Ricardo Rocha, Regional Senior Director Logistics and Services, Latin America, and John Carmichael, Maersk Head of Sales Excellence, Latin America. They’ll share insights on the value of integrated logistics solutions. This kicks off our Grow with Integrated Logistics series.

Ricardo Rocha - Regional Senior Director Logistics and Services, Latin America and the Caribbean

Ricardo Rocha

Regional Senior Director Logistics and Services, Latin America

Ricardo has 25+ years of experience working at top global logistics firms throughout Latin America. He has served in a variety of roles, including executive management, business development, operations, sales and marketing.

John Carmichael – Head of Sales Excellence, Latin America

John Carmichael

Head of Sales Excellence, Latin America

John has been with Maersk for 16 years, originally working in Guatemala and then shifting to a range of sales management positions in Latin America and Copenhagen. His role in Denmark focused on transforming Maersk’s global automotive industry business from purely ocean to an end-to-end global logistics service. In the last 2 years, he has been working to build a best-in-class sales organization in Latin America.

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