If logistics is proof of one thing, it is that change is constant. Consumer needs, climate, buying behaviours, weather patterns, commodity availability, market strength; they are all constantly changing, now more than ever, causing headaches and challenges to product planning and delivery.

When deviation from the norm becomes the new standard, it can be tricky for companies to know how they can best strengthen their positioning and foster growth. In this article, we dive into five ways working with a unified Maersk can help ease pain points.

  1. Solution-orientated logistics
  2. During the pandemic, it quickly became apparent that the way things had been done before, no longer worked. Supply and demand structures were challenged, and supply chains needed to become more agile and flexible than ever before.
    Post-pandemic, a new kind of agility is needed; companies need to be able to speed up, slow down or pause their supply chains swiftly and, in some cases, pivot from area to area, or region to region. Companies need solution-orientated logistics.

    What do we mean by this? Well, it boils down to companies needing to work with logistics and supply chain partners that give them the solutions that work specifically for them. It seems almost too easy to be true, but individualised logistics can solve many of the issues companies faced during and after the pandemic. This is because, previously, companies were working with a lack of holistic logistics, piecing together a dispersed supply chain without optimisation.

    Working with a unified Maersk, you gain access to our controlled asset network. This is where the holistic part comes into play. A controlled asset network means that we own the ships, trucks, routes, etc, that your goods travel within, and have regional and global routes, meaning we can offer enhanced options, further reach, more visibility, and more control. Maersk has the capabilities to input assets where needed, as well as the ability to structure your logistics network so it works for you, instead of you having to work around it.

  3. Optionality
  4. Another key aspect of our unified structure is that we can offer you even more optionality than before. More connectivity on ocean and on land; with truck, rail and barge solutions, as well as greener options; including electric vehicles, FAME biofuel options, and greener warehousing. Additionally, we offer Eco Delivery, which will allow you to see where you can implement lower emissions options in your logistics with ease, allowing us to help you get closer to a net zero supply chain.

    The effects of climate change are being felt around the world. We’re seeing more more volatile climate and weather patterns with superstorms, drought, and torrential rainfall. The chances of 2024 having hotter-than-average temperatures comes on the coattails of heightened chances of the “global climate pattern known as El Niño year” arriving by end of summer, according to the World Meteorological Organization. In early July 2023, two of the hottest days ever were recorded.

    Working with a logistics provider like Maersk means you have access to solutions through challenging moments. We are seeing the effects of droughts lowering water levels on rivers, but with the vast inter-regional connections of Sealand and Maersk combined as one unified Maersk, there are solutions available, like rail and truck. When ports are congested due to unexpected issues, we can find ways of keeping your supply chain moving, through providing additional routes or pivoting to air, rail, or a combination solution. Should there be a need to take a step back and pause the supply chain, we have multiple warehousing solutions close to key markets, keeping your products safe and secure until you see new or re-emerging opportunities.

  5. Visibility
  6. The first step in gaining control of a situation, is to have overview of all the moving parts. By serving you as a unified Maersk, we can offer you access to our products like the Emissions Dashboard, Captain Peter, Maersk Flow and Supply Chain Development. This is just a fraction of the support you can access through Maersk. Another key example is our Supply Chain Resilience Model, created to help bolster your overview of current and future risks to your supply chain.

    Here, the holistic part also plays a key role. A good supply chain partner or logistics provider will help you through a difficult moment, but a truly useful one will be able to provide insight into how the future of your supply chain will or can look, and what issues may become apparent to you.

    By working with a logistics provider that has an unmatched controlled-asset network, you have more overview of current and future trends and happenings and are able to access the solutions already being put into play.

  7. Expertise
  8. Working with a unified Maersk means getting the strengths of our unified offering. Among many of the positives we see with this change, we have embedded the core of our companies into the soul of Maersk. The close and personal touch of Hamburg Süd that you have known will still be here, as will the even more expanded regional expertise of Sealand.

    One of the things we pride ourselves on is learning and continuously evolving in line with your needs. We are always striving to upskill, research, and invest so we can understand and serve your business better. This means that everything we do, starts and ends with you. We research and create content to share with you, we are trailblazers in areas we know matter to our customers, and are always looking for ways to best connect with you.

    Our goal is to continue to bring you regional and global insights and expertise, stay by your side, and help you make moves that work for you.

  9. Partnership your way
  10. At the core of our offering as a unified Maersk is you, and with it, our keen understanding that there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” approach. We know that our relationship with you is personal and unique and therefore, it can’t be standardised.

    Some small to medium size beneficial cargo owners enjoy the swift action of digital options, whilst some larger multinational enterprises prefer to work with us for our integrated logistics, with end-to-end visibility and ease. Others might prefer only to use one logistical solution, whilst others choose to combine multiple products and services.

We work with you to find the right supply chain solutions for you and your business and look forward to supporting you in whatever way we can. A unified offering empowers you with the tools you need to grow your business.









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