Talking with Ralph Hensel, Managing Director at Convar

Food manufacturer Convar was looking for a reliable logistics provider with a simple and transparent pricing solution to ship freight from Asia to Europe. After partnering with Maersk Go, Convar reduced the time they spent on booking shipments by 75 per cent.

Leaders in emergency food production

Founded in the 1960s in Germany, Convar is an international leader in manufacturing long shelf-life foods such as canned and freeze-dried foods. The company also offers IT services and logistics services, and ships various goods internationally throughout the year.

Managing Director at Convar Foods, Ralph Hensel, was searching for a new logistics provider to ship wheat energy bars from China to Europe. He wanted a reliable partner with a simple and transparent pricing solution to ship internationally.

Hidden costs hitting the budget

Convar had previously shipped freight with different freight forwarders, but the main challenge they faced was unforeseen charges made after the initial booking, as there was no visibility on the pricing model. This made it impossible to budget and forecast logistics costs. Therefore, Convar wanted to improve the management of its logistics costs by using an end-to-end logistics provider with instant pricing.

Finding a partner to ship goods from China to Europe

"Logistics weren't part of my daily work, and I was in a rush to find an available container to move my goods from China to Europe,” Mr Hensel said. After searching online for a container from China to Europe, Mr Hensel found Maersk Go and signed up for a free account, where he could easily check prices and schedules on the platform.

“It was easy for me to choose Maersk Go,” Mr Hensel said. “I know Maersk – it is a strong, reliable and well-known logistics provider.”

Our customer service team contacted him to place his final booking and answer some of his questions via phone and email.

View of warehouse

What Convar has to say

"Thanks to the simple and very user-friendly online ordering process, we have saved about 75% of the time required for each booking," Mr Hensel said. “There is no need to be trained in a specific logistics system – you don't need to be a logistics expert to do the work. Before we used Maersk Go, up to five different people were involved in the authorisation process of handling our logistics. Now, everything can be done by only one person. The complexity is gone, and this saves us time and money.”

Maersk Go offers us reliable and instant pricing – this is what you need in the market. It is also very important that the whole schedule from the pick-up to our cargo delivery was on time. We are pleased about this and we will continue to use Maersk Go as a preferred logistics service provider, not only for our food division but also for our other business units.

Ralph Hensel
Managing Director









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