Talking with Nabwire Catherine Daphne, Manager at Standard Manufacturing Ltd.

Standard Manufacturing Ltd recycles all forms of hard plastics to produce various flakes and granules. They wanted a partner to simplify and optimise their challenging supply chain process. Check out how Maersk Go became their go–to platform.

Tackling the plastic bottle problem

In 2012, Standard Manufacturing Ltd (SML) was founded to address the low quality of recycling in Uganda. Their main line of business is turning PET bottles into plastic products such as coloured flakes and granules. These are then exported around the world to Turkey, Ukraine, UAE, Bulgaria, Pakistan, India and China.

Every year, SML recycles about 200 million PET bottles that were destined for the dump, as well as 500-1000 tonnes of other plastics. They employ more than 200 people within the surrounding communities.

Collecting Plastics

Streamlining their logistics

The major challenge SML faced was that they didn't have a dedicated team to help streamline all their resources and processes. Another pain point was getting free time to Port Qasim in Pakistan.

To ensure an uninterrupted journey, SML started looking for a single logistics partner that could better coordinate and ensure their challenges were addressed and sorted.

Customer Story standard manufacturing limited

Saving time with the Maersk Go platform

Maersk Go's intuitive platform offers SML full spectrum visibility and ample time to manage booking execution, while giving them instant pricing where they could check the rates, schedules and book instantly.

When SML placed the first booking, they were amazed how fast it was. Feedback was instant and spot-on, thus reducing the time spent making phone calls for follow-ups.

Overall, they find the platform easy to use, with visibility on rates, access anytime, great teamwork, and is satisfied with its logistics service.

Increasing their exports

Access to weekly vessels, favourable daily offerings and short transit time to various destinations have been a great planning tool for their shipments. With their cargo arriving at various destinations within a short period of time, all parties are satisfied.

Last year, SML managed to ship 227 40-foot containers and they are looking at either doubling or tripling that number this year! They would like to continue their journey with us to make their processes simpler and more convenient.









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