Seamless logistics solutions ensure uninterrupted operations for a fitness brand on their way to business expansion.

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The customer

BODYTEC, a fitness and strength training establishment, started operations with two studios in Cape Town, South Africa, in 2011. By 2022, they expanded to 37 centres as a premium franchise across big cities like Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban. BODYTEC’s unique offering is the Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology, imported from Germany and rented out to members.

While it benefitted the members a great deal, it also resulted in a challenging and long-winding supply chain journey and inventory management.

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The challenge

As a growing lifestyle company that caters to select, elite consumers, BODYTEC wanted to create a business model that does not compromise on quality of service and fitness solutions. For the wheels of business to keep running, time, supply and frequency management was critical for BODYTEC.

For instance, when a member signs up for the training, the fitness equipment is delivered to their doorstep. It is imperative to deliver the right size to the right member within 3-4 days, while having an active return and reverse supply chain management. Limited supply chain understanding, lack of sufficient storage and a lag in tracking inventory can snowball into multiple challenges for BODYTEC and become barriers to their business expansion plans for 2024.

The solution

BODYTEC’s initial hurdle was to streamline the supply chain management once the fitness equipment cargo reached South Africa from Germany, to the homes of members. Once the cargo touched ground, Maersk took over – managing customs clearance, solving storage issues with a warehouse facility called Tekstiel, and supporting packing, distribution and returns with our logistics solutions.

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Our motive was to clear the table of the logistics hurdles, so that BODYTEC could completely focus on laying out their business expansion plans.

How this partnership benefited BODYTEC:

  • Single-window solutions increased speed of operations
  • Flexibility in opting for solutions specific to their needs
  • Reliability in delivery and returns logistics
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The result

BODYTEC aims to double their reach by 2024. Our team has not only established a lasting partnership with BODYTEC, but has also become an integral part of their logistics journey. We aim to support the fitness brand with our end-to-end logistics solutions, so their growth plans remain uninterrupted.

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