Explore the impactful role Maersk plays in connecting the industry through integrated logistics.

Participating in the dynamic Territorio Aguacate event in Medellin, Colombia, was a great opportunity to embrace the vibrant atmosphere of the two-day gathering in November.

It also gave us a chance to establish strong connections with customers from the Colombian avocado market. At the event, our team of experts actively engaged with members of the industry to help further solidify Maersk’s identity as a trusted logistics integrator and dedicated growth partner.

We recognise the need to identify and address the unique requirements of Colombian avocado exports. Which is why we are collaborating closely with the market and positioning Maersk not just as a service provider, but as a strategic partner invested in our customers’ success.

Colombian avocado community team

Specialised solutions for the Colombian avocado supply chain

Supporting the growth of the Colombian avocado community was a key theme for Maersk at Territorio Aguacate. We emphasised our dedication to providing tailored logistics solutions that align seamlessly with the evolving demands of the avocado supply chain.

Whether it's facilitating efficient transportation via air, ocean or land, optimising supply chain processes, or contributing to sustainability efforts, our aim is to empower our partners to thrive in a competitive and ever-changing market.

One of our strategic allies is Maersk, helping us take our fruit to all destinations in Europe, with great quality, great service and cutting-edge controlled atmosphere technology.

Ricardo Mejia
General Manager, Frutty Green

Through Maersk, we found an operational ally to develop our export process and achieve results that ensure the fruit ripens correctly, sells well, and provides satisfaction to the customer at the destination as well as the customer at the origin.

Sergio Plata
Country Manager, Baika Fruit

Taking avocados to the skies

Among the discussions during the event, the transportation of avocados by air emerged as a key point of interest. Beyond our well-established maritime services for avocado exports, we emphasised the growing importance of using air transport for perishable goods.

Recognising the perishable nature of avocados, Maersk Air Freight was spotlighted for providing a swift and reliable solution to ensure timely transportation. We highlighted our ability to provide tailored air solutions that meet our customers' specific needs.

This strategic approach not only opens doors for Colombian avocados to access even distant markets but also extends the sales cycle, reduces inventory costs, and ensures a fast response to unexpected challenges. The discourse on air transport for avocados highlighted its pivotal role in shaping efficient and responsive supply chain solutions, marking a significant aspect of our engagement at Territorio Aguacate.

Alexis Rodriguez

Delivering insights into green solutions

One of the highlights of our participation was the insightful presentation by Alexis Rodriguez, Regional Head of Energy Transition Execution, Maersk Latin America, and an expert in decarbonisation and sustainability.

He shared invaluable insights into crafting sustainable logistics solutions, emphasising the urgency to adopt environmentally responsible practices in the industry. His presentation showcased Maersk's dedication to reducing our carbon footprint and highlighted our role in helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals.

To sum it up, Maersk’s collaboration at Territorio Aguacate 2023 highlights our commitment to strong connections, customer-focused solutions, and a great partnership with Colombian avocado producers. We're dedicated to being more than just a logistics provider — we want to be the essential partner that goes above and beyond for our customers.

As we navigate the changing logistics landscape, our goal is to actively contribute to the growth of the industries we serve, playing a vital role in their ongoing and future success.

Watch the video above for an in-depth recap of the event.

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