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Here at Maersk, we recognise the importance of cyber security. As a society we rely more and more on technology and as cyber threats evolve, we must adapt to these changes to provide resiliency to our company and our customers.

Beyond defending against data breaches and cyber-attacks, cybersecurity empowers individuals, businesses, and governments to embrace the opportunities of the digital age with confidence. It is the unsung hero that ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our online existence, enabling the seamless flow of information and fostering trust in the interconnected society we navigate daily. In essence, cybersecurity is the silent force that allows us to explore, innovate, and connect securely in the vast and dynamic digital landscape.

A priority for our business is to embed cyber security into the way we operate by driving continual improvement.

Cyber security policy

This Cyber Security Policy document communicates the principles for the management of cyber security across Maersk and the basis for the organisation and operation of Cyber Security activities and functions.
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Cyber security certifications

At Maersk, we understand the value of security certifications to foster a secure digital supply chain across the globe to protect our customer’s data and the sustainability of our business.

With our industry recognised security credentials, we ensure robust security measures are in place, reducing the risk of disruptions caused by cyber-incidents.

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Cyber security jobs

Are you looking for a career in cyber security?

Join our team of security experts as we work together to overcome the challenges of cyber security and get a chance to work with industry-leading tools using the latest technology, advanced detection, intelligence and analysing tools.

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