Garments on Hangers

Specialised containers with built-in hangers.

Designed to protect your garments all the way

For fashion brands and stores, keeping clothes and any warehouse garment in top-notch condition during shipping is crucial. Meet Premium Garments on Hangers Containers: your go-to solution for smooth international transportation that ensures your clothes arrive without wrinkles and looking their best. These special containers come pre-fitted with hangers, making them perfect for safely transporting delicate garments. 

Maersk’s Premium Garments on Hangers containers offer flexibility and can handle greater volume. It's the ideal solution for retailers who want a safe, affordable and hassle-free way to ship garments.

A worker uses a handheld scanner to scan the barcode on each garment to ship.

Why choose Garments on Hangers Containers?

Premium Care
Premium care
Special hanging systems and safe compartments to protect your clothes from wrinkles and damage.
Perfect Conditions Every Time
Perfect condition every time
Smart ventilation and temperature controls to safeguard against dampness, mold and extreme weather conditions.
Safety first
Enhanced locks and tamper-evident seals ensure security of your garments when they’re on the move.
Efficient and Easy
Efficient and easy
Designed to optimise space usage inside the containers, which makes it easier to load and unload and saves time.
Sustainable leaf pictogram
A sustainable choice
Built with eco-friendly materials and processes, the containers offer a responsible solution for your brand's image.

What our services include

Here's what you can expect from our Garments on Hangers services:

Receiving illustration
Accepting garments from different vendors.
Cargo check illustration
Cargo check
Thoroughly inspecting each item, following our standard operating procedures.
Consolidation illustration
Merging multiple garment shipments into a single container for efficiency.
Partition illustration
Organising nose-loaded and flat-packed cargo, giving each its own space in the container.
Less-than-Container Load illustration
Less-than-Container Load (LCL)
Ideal for smaller loads, featuring a handy horizontal bar inside smaller boxes.

Types of Garments on Hangers systems

Bar system pictogram

Bar system

Suitable for medium to high-value items like suits and jackets.
String system pictogram

String system

Ideal for lighter garments such as shirts and shorts.

How to book a Garments on Hangers Container?

Here are two easy ways:

  • Make your booking from the origin to the destination Port. Remove the transshipment port option and proceed to either sign a contract or pick the Online VAS (Garments on Hangers) option.
  • If you prefer a more personalised touch, reach out to our sales representative for a customised configuration.
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Our team of experts can help you out

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